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M.S.E.T.Engineering Technology

Technology MST

Western Carolina University offers two versions of the Master of Science in Engineering Technology (MSET) degree. We offer a thesis-based program on our Cullowhee campus with concentrations in electrical or mechanical tracks that prepare graduates to pursue further graduate education or enter industry in advanced positions. The MSET program at our Biltmore Park instructional site is intended to serve working adults desiring to pursue studies in quality assurance, manufacturing operations, and industrial supervision. The Biltmore Park program is offered in the evening only and may contain a directed project related to your job, if you desire.

What You'll Learn

Both M.S. in Technology programs require a minimum of 30-semester hours of coursework. The thesis-based program requires an additional 6-semester hours of credits. Depending on the selected program you will take courses in advanced electrical analysis and design, innovative mechanical design and testing, or advanced manufacturing.

Where You'll Go

An M.S. in Technology prepares you for careers in fields like advanced manufacturing, quality assurance, manufacturing operations, mechanical or electrical design, or further graduate studies. A number of prestigious and pioneering companies, like GE Aviation, are looking for leaders in various technology areas.

Next Steps

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