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D.P.T.Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy - D.P.T.

People from all walks of life need physical rehabilitation for different reasons. A career in physical therapy gives you a chance to work in environments from hospitals to nursing homes helping people restore motor functions that allow them to return to work, participate in recreational activities and regain functionality of daily motor skills. Western Carolina University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy is a program that prepares students to become physical therapist clinician generalists capable of practicing in a wide variety of settings.

What You'll Learn

The D.P.T. is a 113-semester hour, 33-month program (including summers) that includes a 34-week, full-time clinical internship. The curriculum covers basic sciences, physical therapy sciences, scientific inquiry, clinical logic and clinical practicum experiences. In addition to the academic requirements, students are expected to adhere to the technical and professional standards of the program. The program is intended to be a lockstep curriculum, but should circumstances arise students have six years to complete the degree.

Where You'll Go

Physical Therapists have a multitude of career options available. You could work with athletes, the elderly or the general population in environments from professional sports teams to a rehab facility in your hometown. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the average salary for physical therapists is $83,940 and is predicting job opportunities in the field to grow by 36% by 2020.

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