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M.E.Innovation Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship - M.E.

Starting a business is a dream many people have grown up, or after years of working for other people. Technological advances have made entrepreneurship accessible and shown there is a demand for a diverse range of goods and services. Fortune Small Business magazine lists Western Carolina University’s Master of Innovation, Leadership & Entrepreneurship as a top five online program. The M.E. teaches you the skills necessary to create a sustainable new venture by taking your idea and developing it over the course of your studies. This program is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

What You'll Learn

The M.E. is a 30-semester hour program with a faculty that has years of practical entrepreneurial experience. Students will learn from seasoned entrepreneurs who understand all the small steps, common mistakes and best practices it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. You will learn how to identify market opportunities and the subsequent steps of planning, launching and growing a business. The program was developed by the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education and is completely online.

Where You'll Go

Entrepreneurs are able to use their skills and vision to create the job description and business that is tailored to their passion and skill set. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that nearly 15 million Americans identified as self-employed in 2014. The life of an entrepreneur is busy and has its risks and challenges, but the ability to call your own shots while cultivating a successful business is the ultimate reward for many choosing this path.

Next Steps

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