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Western Carolina University is proud to offer the nation’s top-ranked program in entrepreneurship. The program is specifically designed to prepare graduates for success in a competitive global market. Students pursue either a Bachelor of Science degree that provides them with the flexibility to develop the type of businesses they have interest in, or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree that places emphasis on the development of creative thinking solutions within the business world. The business administration degree is also offered as a fully online program for students who wish to complete their studies from their own location.

What You'll Learn

At WCU, entrepreneurship is a practical, hands-on program with a curriculum designed by actual entrepreneurs who meet the challenges of growing an entrepreneurial venture in the face of increasing competition. With two major concentrations, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leadership, you'll focus on a comprehensive view of business and the strategic thinking needed to run your own. The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship combines courses from disciplines such as accounting, mathematics, and economics with discipline-specific courses in an area of knowledge in the type of business students would like to start. The program provides the flexibility for  students to develop the types of businesses they wish to pursue.  The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major with a concentration in Innovation Leadership and Entrepreneurship combines business core requirements from disciplines such as accounting, economics, management, and marketing with mid-to-upper-level entrepreneurship courses and electives. This program takes a practical hands-on approach under the direction of a faculty composed of entrepreneurs.  Whichever degree option they choose to pursue, all students participate in service-learning activities while working with regional professionals and businesses.

Where You'll Go

Cited in Business Week as the fastest-growing business program in the United States, entrepreneurship is the key to economic development regionally, nationally and internationally. Increasingly, large firms are recognizing the need for entrepreneurial competition in the global marketplace. As a consequence, large and small firms alike seek entrepreneurship graduates for their creativity and innovation. Graduates find work with a wide variety of business firms or within their own businesses. Alternately, many choose to pursue graduate study in order to deepen their knowledge and further expand their career opportunities.

Next Steps

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