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Undergraduate Research Exposition

The Undergraduate Research Exposition, part of WCU’s campus-wide Research and Scholarship Conference, provides students with the opportunity to work with faculty to present their research to an engaged audience on campus. The annual expo features over 200 student presenters working with more than 60 faculty sponsors.

Undergraduate Expo Registration Directions

All Undergraduate Students who are interested in participating in the Undergraduate Expo (the week of March 22, 2021) will need to register and submit an abstract or artist statement using the Qualtrics form provided below. The form will open for registration on November 23, 2020.

The registration form will be available on November 23, 2020. More information and guidelines for abstract and statement submissions are provided below.

Registration will open on November 23, 2020, and close on February 11, 2021 at midnight.

The registration form below is to be completed by the undergraduate student (graduate students should apply via the Graduate School).

Before you begin registering for the Undergraduate Expo, please be sure to have the following finalized and approved by your faculty mentor, and ready to enter into the registration form:
1. A complete project title and in title case (ex: Flipping the Classroom in an Undergraduate Social Work Research Course).

2. An abstract or artist statement (</= 300 words) in Microsoft Word format. Please include the title of the project in title case on the abstract or statement.

3. Spell all names correctly, including your faculty sponsor(s) and co-presenters, if applicable.

4. Students can register for one or more of the following types of presentations: Poster, Oral, Performance, or Exhibit. Complete one registration for each presentation you wish to give (for example: if a student wishes to do both an oral and poster presentation please complete the registration form for each, separately). Students who do not register via this registration system will not be included in the conference proceedings, which will be a virtual web-based event this year.

5. Abstracts or artist statements can describe expected results if the results of the study or project are not complete at the time of registration.

6. Students registering for a presentation can opt into the 2021 Featured Presentation Competition in the registration form, and potentially win a $150 Academic Award. Abstracts or artist statements that wish to be considered for this competition will have a maximum of 600 words available. See more details about the 2021 Featured Presentation Competition below.


For All Registrants, An Important NOTICE: 

The 2021 Research and Scholarship Conference will be hosted as an entirely virtual, web-based event. The materials and digital content you register to present will be active, linked content on the web. As a student presenter you must acknowledge that you understand the content you register and provide for presentation through this event will be made public and be accessible for a span of time. 

The 2021 Research and Scholarship Conference will make public all registrants' projects for a period of 9 months, which will be accessible through and the affiliate link created for this event. You must have your faculty mentor's permission to register and provide your project content, as some projects and information may be restricted for public consumption due to Internal Review Board (IRB) Requirements.

The registration form will open on November 23, 2020. If you need assistance or questions about an abstract or statement you'd like considered, please email Kloo Hansen at

There is one registration form. Complete one registration for each presentation you wish to give (for example: if a student wishes to do both an oral and poster presentation please complete the registration form twice, one for each presentation you wish to register). Students who do not register via this registration system will not be included in the event.


Register for The Undergraduate Exposition



IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please make sure your registration is accurate. The text you enter in the registration form will be the exact text on the program website and in marketing materials, so make sure your registration information is accurate. This includes email addresses used for registration communications. Use your Catamount email address in the registration form. All communications for digital uploads will be directed to Catamount email addresses.

A Call Out For Projects - Win a $150 Academic Award!!

Consider submitting your project abstract to the 2021 Research and Scholarship Conference's 

Featured Presentation Competition    

This year, the 2021 Featured Presentation Competition is accepting abstracts and artist statements for consideration in three thematic areas based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Abstracts and statements submitted for award consideration will be juried by a panel of experts. An Undergraduate Student will be named a winner for each of the themes below. Winners will receive a $150 Academic Award (subject to financial aid considerations and taxes).


Students can submit an extended project abstract or artist statement (maximum of 600 words) for consideration in the following three themes. To be strongly considered for award the student abstract or statement should include the following: 

a.) a clear project objective or goal that can be connected to one of the themes

b.) a description of the project and its importance related to one of the themes

c.) a brief discussion of expected results or findings as it relates to the themes 


Featured Presentation Competition Themes and Relevant Project Topics: 


Theme 1: Cultural Awareness, Diversity Equity & Inclusion, and Peace & Justice 

  • Reducing Inequalities (gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity) 
  • Cultural Acceptance & Awareness 
  • Cultural Revitalization 
  • Quality Education & Educational Reform 
  • Reducing Violence & Criminal Justice Reform 
  • Social Justice & Ethical Existence 
  • Racial & Ethnic Inclusion 
  • Institutional Reform (e.g. accountable and inclusive institutions from local to global) 

Theme 2: Sustainable Progress and Future Innovation 

  • Clean water and air quality 
  • Affordable & Clean Energy 
  • Sustainable Economic Growth 
  • Corporate Responsibility 
  • Industry, Innovation, & Infrastructure 
  • Sustainable Cities & Communities 
  • Responsible Consumption 
  • Conservation   

Theme 3: Health & Well-being, Partnerships, and Regional Impact or Engagement 

  • Poverty 
  • Hunger 
  • Decent Work & Economic Growth 
  • Conservation of Land & Water Resources 
  • Local and Global Partnerships 
  • Western North Carolina & WCU Community Impact (e.g. projects that directly impact our community and region) 
  • Promotion of healthy lives and living for people of all ages and health conditions 
  • Access to clean and safe sanitation 

To assist registrants with their project efforts, a few resources are available to you so you can better prepare and execute your presentation in a virtual format.

For Poster Presentations:

WCU Approved Poster Templates are available (correct size, formats, colors, etc.)

See the Hunter Library's Research Guide on Research Poster Presentations

For Oral and Performance Presentations:

See Hunter Library's Research Guide on Preparing for a Virtual Presentation (check back soon!)

See Forbes' Best Practices for Virtual Presentations

For Exhibit Presentations:

Consider creating a more dynamic exhibit or gallery of images by using a technology platform that suits your needs. By expanding beyond submitting individual JPEGs or TIFFs an artist can showcase more of who they are and what their exhibit means to them and the world. 

Create a website using:

  • Google Sites
  • Wix
  • Wordpress

Create an image gallery using:

  • Flickr
  • Google photos
  • Padlet

Create a video or audio file using:

  • YouTube
  • Zoom
  • Vocaroo
  • VoiceThread

Create a social media profile (for your exhibit!)

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Download the 2017 RASC Program HERE

In 2015, the Expo featured the work of over 290 student presenters with 67 faculty sponsors.
Download the 2015 Program

In 2014, the Expo featured the work of over 240 student presenters with 61 faculty sponsors.
Download the 2014 Program

In 2013, the Expo featured the work of over 280 student presenters with 81 faculty sponsors.
Download the 2013 Program

In 2012, the Expo featured the work of over 260 student presenters with 65 faculty sponsors.
Download the 2012 Program

In 2011, the Expo featured the work of over 280 student presenters with 77 faculty sponsors.
Download the 2011 Program

In 2010, the Expo featured the work of over 190 student presenters with 68 faculty sponsors.
Download the 2010 Program

In 2009, the Expo featured the work of over 200 student presenters with 72 faculty sponsors.
Download the 2009 Program

In 2008, the Expo featured the work of over 220 student presenters with 64 faculty sponsors.
Download the 2008 Program

In 2007, the Expo featured the work of over 200 student presenters with 57 faculty sponsors.
Download the 2007 Program

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For more information on the Research and Scholarship Celebration, email Kloo Hansen at or call 828.227.3016.

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