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Academic Project Grants

About Undergraduate Academic Project Grants

Art Grants


The Office of the Provost sponsors Undergraduate Academic Project Grants (APGs) to fund project-related expenses. Students who submit a proposal can be granted up to $500 in project-related support. Faculty members can submit proposals on behalf of student groups. Proposals are accepted on a 4-month cycle. The Faculty Committee will send award notifications out within 2 weeks of each deadline.

We are in the process of finalizing dates for the upcoming AY and will post that information shortly. 

Undergraduate Academic Project Grants support undergraduate research and creative work at Western Carolina University. Any full-time student or group of students  working with a faculty sponsor is eligible to apply for a grant. Grant support provides support in many ways, including equipment, supplies, or travel. Please note: Equipment purchased through a grant reverts back to the student’s department once the project is complete.

This program is supported by Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) funds generated from local tuition.



2019-2020 APG Guideline & Instructions


This program is administered by The Office of the Provost; please direct requests for information regarding travel forms, purchase orders, or reimbursement processes or other questions to Undergraduate Research, Undergraduate Research Coordinator, at 227-3016.

The Office of the Provost would like to acknowledge the service and dedication on the part of our faculty review committee. The Academic Project Grants Committee is made up of representatives from each college, the Hunter Library, and the Office of the Provost. The 2020-2021 Academic Project Grants Faculty Committee Members are still being finalized for the academic year.


The College of Arts & Sciences:

Dr. Frankie West
Assistant Professor of Foresic Biology

The College of Business:

Dr. Steve Ha
Professor of Economics, Management, and Project Management 

The College of Education & Allied Professions:

Dr. Callie Schultz
Assisant Professor of Parks and Recreation Managament

The College of Engineering & Technology:

Dr. John Hildreth
Distinguished Professor of Construction Education  

The College of Fine and Performing Arts:

Dr. Leo Lei
Assistant Professor of the School of Stage and Screen

The College of Health & Human Sciences:

Dr. Kim Hall, Interim Chair for 2019-2020 APG Committee
Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

The Hunter Library:

Dr. Allison Cruse
Assistant Professor of Hunter Library

The Office of the Provost:

Mrs. Kloo C. Hansen (Committee Chair)
Coordinator of Undergraduate Research
Mrs. Suzanne Melton (Administrative Support Specialist)

Congratulations to the following students, student groups, and their faculty mentors on receiving an Academic Project Grant Awards for 2018-2019!


2017 Percussive Arts Society International Convention: 

Jonathan Myers, Dakota Groves, Mason Malone, Prince Jackson, Caleb Lonon, McKenzie Squires, Heath Ballard, Max Schmidt

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Adam Groh


Petrological, Mineralogical, and Structural Analysis of the Meteorite NWA-1877 Thin-section:

Liam Turner

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Amy Fagan


Investigation of Insulin Degrading Enzyme Inhibition by LT10 Peptide:

Sierra Rice

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Robert Youker


Keratin Localization in Stem and Embryonic Cells:

Jade Hollars

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Heather Coan


The Effects of Prolonged Decomposition on the Structural Integrity of DNA:

Alexandra Cruz

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Frankie West


Determining Groundwater Contributions in a Headwater Catchment using Changes in Stream water temperature:

John Morgan

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. JP Gannon


In-Depth Analysis and Creation of Bare Conductive Touchboard Projects: 

James Nelson

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Yanjun Yan


Creating a sculptural project to explore locality through craft, labor, and material:

Jesse Lloyd

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Morgan Kennedy


Synthesis and characterization of peptide conjugated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles:

Christian Wyatt

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Rangika S. Hikkaduwa Koralege 


Analysis of Inherent Residual Stress Developed Through Direct Metal Laser Sintering of 316L Stainless Steel:

Tyrele Adams, Jacob Lewallen, Ethan Stiles, Bailey Stillman, Jerome Suminski

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Joe Fahmy  


Travel Support for Student Presentations on Topics in Ramsey Theory at the University of North Carolina Greensboro Regional Mathematics and Statistics Conference: 

Elijah DeJonge and Will Stiles

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Mark Budden


Isolating Background Volcanism in an Early Jurassic Coral Reef: 

Hannah Cothren

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Shane Schoepfer


Conditions around the Guadalupian - Lopingian Boundary in British Columbia, Canada:

Samuel Moorer

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Shane Schoepfer


Investigation of Weathering of Automotive clear-coat Formulations using Fourier-Transformation Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) for Forensic Purposes:

Hossam Elaskalani

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Undugodage Don Nuwan Perera


Using Sequencing Technologies to Understand how a Virus Mutates to Combat Defects in DNA Replication:

Henry Salvo

Faculty Mentors:

Dr. Jamie Wallen


WCU Fusion Ensemble Performance at the Jazz Education Network Conference:

Savannah Bennett, Matt Brooks, Willie Burke, Tucker Ellis, Logan Jayne, Blake Jones, Zach Shatley, Logan Strahley, and Tyler Townson

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Chris Beyt


Concentration-discharge relationships between two tributaries in a catchment.:

Veronica Ferry

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. JP Gannon


Human Embryonic Kidney Cell and Bone Marrow Stem Cell Response to Exosome:

Brinley Harrington

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Heather Coan


Volcanism and its links to the Permian-Triassic Mass Extinction at Penglaitan:

Eldridge Machen

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Shane Schoepfer


Exploring a potential interaction between α-amylase3 and the catalytically inactive β-amylase9 in Arabidopsis thaliana:

Frances Lowder

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Amanda Storm


WCU Criminology Student Presentations at the 2019 North Carolina Criminal Justice Association Annual Conference:

Samantha Griffin, Madison Hale, Daijah Johnson, and MacKenzie Avery

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Tasha Youstin


Exploring the Unique ß-amylase2 and Its Novel Potential Binding Partner:

Natasha Kreiling

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Amanda Storm


Geochemistry of the Cache Creek terrane during the Permian-Triassic boundary:

Kevin Cottingham

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Shane Schoepfer


Presenting Ramsey Theory Research at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore, Maryland:

Elijah DeJonge

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Mark Budden


That Can Be Me: Using Bibliotherapy as a Means of Becoming Culturally Responsive and Encouraging Personal Identity:

Amelia Borger

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Kristy Doss


Modern Interpretations of a Victorian Work Dress:

Annabela Cockrell

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Susan Martin



Veronica Ferry and Dakota Little

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. JP Gannon


Gender and Self-disclosure on the Campaign Trail:

Sara Roles

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Erin Myers


Designing zinc metal-based nanomaterials using a microwave method for potential biomedical applications:

Kody Burrows

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Channa De Silva


Research-Based Studio Art Project on Sex Trafficking:

Grace Woodard

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Matt Liddle


Academic Project Grant- A1 Auditions:

Victoria Russell

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Ashlee Wasmund


Travel to present research at Geological Society of America Southeastern Conference:

Kevin Cottingham, Samuel Moorer, Eldridge Machen, and Hannah Cothren

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Shane Schoepfer 


Presenting original research at a Geological Society of America conference: “Trail-scale slope failure risk maps: a pilot study in Great Smoky Mountains National Park”:

Anna Willis

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Cheryl Waters-Tormey



Kenya Ingram, Hannah Cothren, John Morgan, Marguerite Suminski, Joshua Turnbull, and Anna Willis

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Mark Lord


Structural Determination of a Novel Mycobacteriophage Repressor Protein:

Reliza McGinnis

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Jamie Wallen


Developing Lanthanide Metal-Based Calcium Fluoride Nanoparticles with Enhanced Luminescent Properties for Optical Applications:

Wan Ching Chan

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Channa De Silva


The Heating Rates of Intramuscular Tissue Using a Portable Ultrasound Unit: An Exploratory Study:

Ke'La Porter

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Ashley Trasher


Constructing a plasmid to tag the Cryptococcus neoformans DNA polymerase gamma gene, MIP1, with the gene for green fluorescent protein (GFP).:

Michelle Chamblee

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Indi Bose


Classifying basalts based on micron-scale properties:

Erin Recchuiti

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Amy Fagan


Geology 355 Honors Contract: Classification and Description of Ankaramite using Petrographic Thin Section.

Austin Lloyd

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Amy Fagan


Characterization of Volatile Organic Compounds of Decomposed Human and Animal Bone:

Kiera Williams

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Nuwan Perera


Electron Microprobe Analysis of Jbilet Winselwan in Thin-Section:

Matt Comins

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Amy Fagan


Synthesis and characterization of L-asparaginase (L-ASNase) encapsulated poly-Llysine-graft-poly(ethylene) glycol (PLL-g-PEG) polymer nanoparticles for the efficient delivery of therapeutics.:

Keri Goff

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Rangika Hikkaduwa Koralege


A Pilot Study on Ancient Burial Practices in Medieval Transylvania using Ancient DNA:

Chelsea Jones

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Frankie West


Sympatric Carnivores, Stream Restoration Success, and Fire on the Mountain.:

Andrew Myers, Candice Moreau, Rachel Chism, Mia Taylor, Kurtis Fisher, Jessica Elliott, Sarah Justice

Faculty Mentor:

Dr. Aimee Rockhill

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