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Research Council



Research and creative inquiry are essential components of WCU’s mission to offer engaged​ and experiential learning opportunities to improve lives, engage the region, increase knowledge, and enhance the economy and community of western North Carolina and beyond.

The Research Council was established in 2018 to promote and assess the university’s support and engagement of academic research and ​creative scholarship ​activities.

This includes stimulating, organizing, and supporting academic research, scholarship, and creative works ​ for faculty and students across disciplines. 

Research Council Members

Name, Title Department
Brandon Schwab, Associate Provost Academic Affairs
TBD, Dean Graduate School and Research
Indi Bose, Associate Professor Biology
Marco Lam, Associate Professor Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, and Business Law
Sean Mulholland, Professor Economics, Management, and Project Management
JoBeth Shafran, Assistant Professor Political Science and Public Affairs
Ethan Cheng, Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism, Marketing, and Sports Management
Tom Ford, Professor Psychology
John Hildreth, Professor Construction Management
Seth McCormick, Associate Professor School of Art and Design
Liz Anderson, Assistant Professor Social Work
Yue Hillon, Professor Economics, Management, and Project Management
Jill Granger,  Dean Brinson Honors College
Chuck Thomas, Dean Hunter Library
TBD, Director Office of Research Administration
Kloo Hansen, Undergraduate Research Coordinator Academic Affairs
Kong Chen, Faculty Research Support Specialist Coulter Faculty Commons
TBD, Director Office of Assessment

As teacher-scholars, Western Carolina University's faculty and staff are active in research, scholarship, and creative inquiry to generate new knowledge and creative works, craft learning opportunities for students, and further the institution's mission to improve lives, engages the region, and enhance the economy and community of western North Carolina and beyond.

Our Research Vision is to enhance the lives of our students and the region as the hub of new knowledge generation, creative work production, and innovation in western North Carolina.

  • Identify and document current state of research/scholarly activities across the university
  • Support research, scholarship, and creative inquiry of faculty, staff,  and students
  • Support scholarly engagement and collaboration between faculty and students both at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Support efforts of faculty and staff to secure internal and external funding
  • Make research and creative activity opportunities available for WCU students
  • Promote and support the WCU Centers, Institutes, and academic programs that contribute to the research mission of the institution
  • Promote the value of Boyer scholarship – Discovery, Integration, Engagement, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
  • Uphold ethical research standards to achieve our vision and enhance the reputation of the Western Carolina University

Research Council resources include Research Council meeting minutes and subcommittee documents. (requires WCU login)

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