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WCU Leadership Academy

In 2013, WCU underwent a comprehensive strategic planning initiative. Based on the findings from that initiative, the 2020 Commission recommended that one of WCU's core strategic directions should be to "invest in our people." A specific part of this goal includes Initiative 4.2.5, which states that we will "establish a campus leadership academy to cultivate faculty and staff leaders." The WCU Leadership Academy was created in response to these goals and initiatives.

The WCU Leadership Academy exists to develop effective leaders for WCU, to better support WCU's mission to serve our community, our region, and our world.

It seeks to identify and develop campus leaders who are dedicated to supporting the mission of the regionally engaged university.

The WCU Leadership Academy will ...

  1. Engage participants in their own professional development in leadership
  2. Engage participants with the community partners
  3. Engage participants with leaders and leadership practices from across the institution

The WCU Leadership Academy is a WCU-based, year-long program for 12 members of WCU's full-time faculty and staff. Participants will be selected through a rigorous process overseen by the WCU Leadership Academy Steering Committee.

The WCU Leadership Academy Steering Committee will meet each spring to determine the theme and calendar of events, oversee the nomination and selection processes, determine any changes to the program, and consider other relevant issues.

The WCU Leadership Academy Steering Committee consists of representative appointed by the Office of the Provost, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Faculty Senate Chair, the Staff Senate Chair, WCU Leadership Academy alumni, and one ex-officio member from the Coulter Faculty Commons.

Application Process

Applications for the WCU Leadership Academy are accepted in the spring. The 2018-19 class has been announced. The online application for the next upcoming class will be posted in April of 2019.

The application packet for the WCU Leadership Academy consists of the following elements:

1. Statement of Purpose
Please briefly describe how participation in the WCU Leadership Academy fits with your own personal and professional goals. Why do you want to be a part of the WCU Leadership Academy? (250-500 words).

2. Statement of Contribution
Please briefly describe how your participation in the WCU Leadership Academy contributes to the mission of the campus and the community. What do you believe will set you apart from other applicants? (250-500 words).

3. Resume/CV

4. Letter of Nomination/Support (signed, scanned copies are acceptable)

5. Signature of appropriate supervisor/department head/dean or director
All applicants are strongly encouraged to discuss their participation in the WCU Leadership Academy with their supervisor/department head/dean or director in advance of their application.

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