Office of International Programs and Services

WCU Strategic Internationalization Plan (2015-2020)

Goal 1: Calculated on a rolling three-year basis beginning in 2015, increase the percentage of students who attend a program in another country to 253 by 2020, with focus on College of Business, Honors College, and International Studies majors.

Goal 2: Calculated on a three-year rolling basis beginning in 2015, increase the number of international student to 253 by 2020.

Goal 3: Increase the number of faculty and staff in the College of Business or on the International Studies faculty participating in an international experience.

Goal 4: Increase the number of undergraduate students participating in an international activity on campus.

Goal 5: Develop funding for international activities that will allow five faculty and five students each year to participate in a funded activity in another country by 2020.

Goal 6: Increase the number of incoming international faculty and professionals.

Goal 7: Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of IPS activities.


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