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As a Faculty member of Western Carolina University, you have the unique opportunity to create a course which integrates seamlessly with the curriculum on Western's campus but provides cultural and environmental immersion abroad. This allows a Faculty-Led Travel Course to relate to student life and campus culture while providing a higher level of interaction between students and faculty.

There are four types of Faculty-Led Travel Courses:

  • Courses taught in domestic locations across the United States and surrounding territories
  • Overseas courses taught in foreign countries
  • Faculty teaching courses abroad at partner universities
  • Language intensive or other courses taught at 3rd Party sites

Required Documents for Faculty-led Application

  • Faculty Application Form for Faculty-led
  • Completed Course Budget (download Budget Excel Form)
  • Copy of Syllabus

-- Syllabus should address course goals and objectives, academic goals and objectives, integration of site to learning objectives, importance of participation in all travel course activities and your personal goals in directing the course.
-- Syllabus should also include a statement pertaining to physical fitness requirements to participate in the travel course. This should be an honest, frank description of the physical activity involved in the travel course, along with a statement that students will be expected to be involved in all classroom activities. If a student declines to participate or does not participate in group activities, their grade in the course may suffer or they may be returned home at their own additional expense without a refund of expenses previously paid.

  • Detailed itinerary

-- Include any overnight excursions away from primary site and specify location, duration and contact information for each day that the group will be away from campus.

At the beginning of each semester, we hold an information session about creating a Faculty-Led Travel Course. These sessions are notified to faculty by email through the Academic Affairs email list. We also have a number of resources available to get you started in our resource center, including the Faculty Handbook for Short-Term Programs, a budget template, travel course guidelines, frequently asked questions and more.

Faculty-Led proposals must be approved by your Department Chair and College Dean for signatures first, then sent to the Office of International Programs and Services for review. From there, it will be sent on to the Provost for approval. Generally, the approval process takes between 3-5 weeks.

Below you will see an illustrated work-flow for Faculty and for Students. This is an outline for Faculty in the process of having your travel course approved while for students it is a brief synopsis of the steps needed to take a faculty led course.

IPS - Work Flow


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