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Faculty-Led Course FAQ for Faculty

Please email or call 828.227.7494

Yes, at the beginning of each semester. IPS sends email notification to Academic Affairs email list.


You should send your Permission to Plan Proposal to your Department Chair and College Dean for signatures first, and then send to Study Abroad at It will be reviewed and sent to the Provost for approval.

  1. One week at IPS
  2. 2 to 4 weeks at the Provost’s Office

Yes. IPS is the only administrative unit at WCU that administers travel courses.

Yes. IPS has a mandatory orientation program for first time faculty.

Sorry, there are currently no scholarships available. Students may be eligible for Financial Aid.

Yes. Students need to apply as a visiting student through WCU Admissions obtain WCU 92# and then complete Faculty-led student application form.

GPA 2.75 and other criteria added by faculty

Yes. As long as you and your students represent WCU abroad, it is mandatory for you and your students to follow the University protocol.

  1. Many faculty who lead travel courses elect to waive compensation in order to keep trip costs low for students (of course, faculty costs are always covered).
  2. Regardless of the number of credits, primary instructor pay will be capped at $4500 (benefits included)

Part time/Fixed Term:

Master’s Degree $900 per credit hour
Terminal Degree $1,000 per credit hour

Full time:

Assistant Professor $1,000 per credit hour
Associate Professor $1,125 per credit hour
Full Professor $1,250 per credit hour

  1. For travel component course

No extra compensation. Faculty will be compensated for the course based on regular compensation structure.

Generally, a 12-month non-faculty employee should only participate as secondary instructor or chaperone. If a non-faculty employee has years of teaching experiences at WCU, an exception may be made.

IPS will work with the Registrar’s Office to register students.

  1. If your students have not paid full, there is nothing you can do. You need to wait until you have sufficient funds in the account and pay for the trip costs. Please verify students’ payments with IPS Administrative Assistant, Betty Dishman at x7494
  2. If your students have paid full, please request a check through University Controller’s Office and pay for the trip. You are discouraged to use personal funds to pay for the trip.
  3. The preferred way is to ask your vendors to send invoice to IPS. IPS will handle the payment.

IPS has a travel P-Card that can be used for payment within a limit. 

Administration fees paid by students are utilized to develop and sustain study abroad programs at WCU. For example, membership fees for non-profit international education organizations that facilitate study abroad: ISEP, IIE, and CIEE; cost of hosting Study Abroad Fair; hourly wage for student workers.

To secure student participation for faculty-led trip planning. Otherwise, faculty will never know the number of students who will attend.

Generally, faculty prefers to handle the pre-departure orientation. If faculty need IPS to conduct the orientation, please contact the Study Abroad Advisor at

Yes. IPS will send one questionnaire to faculty for self-evaluation, and one questionnaire to students to evaluate the faculty-led course, after the trip.

Work with the Controller’s Office

If a faculty-led trip has over $50 left per student, per faculty’s request, the leftover funds will be refunded to students. If the balance is less than $50 per student, the remaining funds will stay within the faculty-led account, because of heavy administrative duties related to refund.

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