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Faculty-Led Courses FAQ for Students

Rolled Up to Faculty - Led

Yes, electronic signatures are acceptable. 

The digital application is submitted online. IPS will process your application as soon as it is submitted.

2.75 GPA and selection criteria determined by instructor.

Sorry, there are currently no scholarships available. Financial Aid may be available depending on student eligibility. 

Consult with the Financial Aid office about procedures that must be completed and forms that must be submitted in order to obtain financial assistance in covering the cost of the trip.


IPS sends trip budget to the Financial Aid office.  Financial Aid will use trip budget data as a reference to award financial aid.

Deadline for Student Applications:

Fall Break - June 1st

Winter Break - October 15th

Spring Break - October 15th

Summer Break - January 15th


Deadline for Student Deposits:

Fall Break - June 15th

Winter Break - November 1st

Spring Break - November 1st

Summer Break - February 1st


Deadline for Student Payment:

Fall Break - August 1st

Winter Break - December 15th

Spring Break - December 15th

Summer Break - March 15th


As long as your financial aid is awarded, IPS will consider full payment is received.

 IPS works with the Registrar’s Office to register you in the course. You are not able to register by yourself.

  1. To confirm your participation in the faculty-led Otherwise, your instructors will never be able to make travel arrangement.
  2. No, it is not refundable. 
  1. Go to “” and log in using your WCU username and
  2. Click “View Bill-Make a Payment” under Accounts & Payments to log into Bill+Payment.
  3. Click the green “Make Payment” button
  4. Even if you have no balance or a credit balance on your account, you may click on the “Amount due” circle and put the amount of the deposit payment in the box to the Click “Continue”.
  5. Select a payment method. Select Electronic Checking to pay from your checking account. Provide banking information. There is no fee to use Electronic
  6. To pay by credit card, select Credit Card via PayPath. Click “Continue to PayPath” and provide credit card information. There is a 2.75% convenience fee when paying by credit
  7. After making the deposit payment, please call Student Accounts at 828-227-7324 or email to request that the deposit payment be recoded to an actual deposit. That will remove the credit from your student account and keep your 

    deposit from being refunded to you. The deposit will then apply to your account when charges are actually posted for that term.

Please pay the amount of deposit as instructed by IPS.

Notify your instructor immediately. Your instructor will contact IPS for a solution. 

Withdrawing application causes lots of complexity for the instructor, IPS, and University administrative units. Only students under unexpected circumstances may withdraw applications.

To provide global learning opportunity to students, most instructors sacrifice themselves and choose to waive teaching compensation, but they still have travel expenses that need to be covered. Yes, students are required to share instructor(s) travel cost.

Administration fee paid by students are utilized to develop and sustain study abroad programs at WCU. For example, membership fees for non-profit international education organizations that facilitate study abroad: ISEP, IIE, and CIEE; cost of hosting Study Abroad Fair; hourly wage for student workers.

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