Office of International Programs and Services

Faculty-led Committee


In cooperation with the Office of International Programs and Services (IPS) and other WCU units, improve Faculty-led management system, encourage faculty proposal and increase student participation.


Create a seamless system for faculty-led management
Encourage more faculty to develop programs

Meeting Frequency

Once a semester

Committee Members

Dr. Dan Grube
Associate Professor, Director, School of Teaching & Learning, College of Education and Allied Professions

Dr. David Tyler
Associate Professor, Sport Management, College of Business

Yumiko Ono
Japanese Instructor, Department of World Languages and Cultures

Dr. Yanjun Yan
Assistant Professor, College of Engineering

Dr. Erin Tapley
Professor, Director of School of Art and Design, College of Performing Arts and Sciences

Dr. Todd Watson
Professor, Physical Therapy, College of Health and Human Sciences

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