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Pre-Arrival Checklist: International Students

international students on wcu campus


Congratulations on your acceptance to Western Carolina University! 

Remember, there is a lot of information here, but WCU Global is here to assist you along the way! Prepare for your arrival by following the steps below.

We look forward to meeting you very soon! Please let us know if you have any additional questions. SAFE TRAVELS! 

These are things that you must do before arriving on campus.
Questions? Contact Abigail Nelson, International Admissions Counselor at or +1.828.227.3455.

New students should arrive at the Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) on the days below. Please click the appropriate link to tell us your flight information. Read the information carefully.

Fall 2022 Semester - August 16 - Submit your travel plans to our office


  • Deadline to submit travel plans: July 1, 2022
  • Airport pick-up day: August 16, 2022
  • Required international student orientation: August 17-19, 2022

Students must arrive at the Asheville Airport on the designated day.

For WCU Global to take you to campus, you must send us your flight information (flight number, arrival date/time, airline) by July 1, 2022.

Students who arrive early may stay at one of the hotels listed on the arrival information form. Individuals staying at one of the listed hotels will be picked-up by our office on the designated arrival date.

Students SHOULD NOT arrive late. Anyone who arrives after the designated pick-up date is responsible for finding their own transportation to WCU's campus from the airport. Taxi rides from the airport to campus are very expensive, and you should expect to pay at least $125+ USD.

What is the enrollment deposit?
Paying the enrollment deposit tells the university that you intend to attend Western Carolina University. This must be paid to register for classes and sign up for on-campus housing. When the semester begins, this will be added as a credit towards bills on your student account. 

Payment Instructions:

Payment doesn't work?
Contact us at with screenshots of what you see. We will help you! 

There are two types of housing available for international students:

  • On Campus
  • Off Campus

Explore these options and sign-up for housing

Student housing both on and off campus is in very high demand. Our office strongly recommends that accepted students plan their housing as early as possible. IMPORTANT: Exchange and first-year students must live on campus.

All international students will be automatically enrolled in the WCU student health insurance program. Services will be available to all international students at Health Services, located in the Bird Building.

If you meet the health insurance coverage requirements through a different provider, the student health insurance can be waived by completing the waiver process.

North Carolina State Law requires anyone attending classes on the university campus to present proof of immunization. Upload your immunization form and TB Questionnaire to your Patient Portal before arrival on campus. 

If you do not submit the immunization and TB questionnaire forms by the deadline, WCU Health Services will place a hold on your account preventing registration for classes. Upload these into the Patient Portal.

Students with incomplete records, or without immunization records will be required to receive immunizations from WCU Health Services after you arrive on campus. The cost of these shots will be billed to your student account. Email with immunization related questions.

Log in to your Patient Portal
Learn more about WCU Health Services

First-year and transfer students: Log in to your myWCU and choose the appropriate orientation day. Please note that you will pick your class schedule on that day. You will not have your finalized class schedule until you attend the first-year or transfer orientation. You will also be provided a pin number to change your classes after arriving.

View WCU's archived course catalog for course descriptions

Exchange students: You will NOT be able to look up available classes until February for Fall or October for Spring. We will send more details on the exact date and time.

View the searchable schedule of classes

Work with your faculty advisor and program coordinator to develop your class schedule.

View WCU's academic calendar

Submit your ID photograph using our online form

You will need your 92# to complete this form. It is listed on your acceptance letter. It begins with 920. This nine-digit number will be your primary identification number for filling out forms, registering for classes, etc.

Your picture should follow these guidelines:

  • JPEG file format
  • Look at the camera (like in a passport photograph)
  • Do not cover your face
  • No hats (traditional headwear is fine)
  • No sunglasses
  • Picture of your head + shoulders is preferred

Bring these items with you on the plane. Have these items with you at the Port of Entry.

  1. I-20 or DS-2019 (you must have the original with you) 
  2. Valid passport 
  3. Valid visa 
  4. Letter of acceptance to Western Carolina University 
  5. SEVIS Fee proof of payment 
  6. Evidence of financial support 
  7. Airline ticket
  8. Cash or Credit Card (not pre-paid) - USD $250-$300 or Visa/MasterCard. This is money you can spend until you set up a bank account. Please do not bring traveler's checks, pre-paid credit cards, or non-USD currency.

The International Orientation Fee ($130) is a one-time fee charged upon initial arrival. The International Student Fee ($150) is charged each continuing year at WCU. This is used to support activities and services throughout your time at WCU. Both fees are payable by all international students, except ISEP and KNPU students.

Submit your enrollment deposit in Slate ($300): This deposit is required to reserve a room on campus and will go towards your student account. This is payable by all international students, except ISEP and KNPU students.

WCU expects ALL students (undergraduate, graduate, and exchange) to pay their University charges prior to the start of each semester. You will need to be prepared to make the necessary payments. This includes housing, meal plan, and other fees. The final date to pay all of your bill is Friday, August 26, 2022.

Degree-seeking students pay out-of-state tuition and fees.

Exchange students pay Room/Board, International Student Fee, International Orientation Fee, Health Insurance, and Book Rental.

ISEP and KNPU students, email Abigail regarding any financial charges or questions.

If you need more time to make payments, please notify Abigail. She can assist you in making a payment plan. Be aware that WCU will hold you responsible and limits the duration of time to defer payments.

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