Office of International Programs and Services

International Program Advisory Board

In cooperation with the Office of International Programs and Services (IPS) and other WCU units, explore and recommend initiatives that expand international experiences to all faculty, staff, and students; recruit faculty and students to participate in international research, study and internship; recruit talented international students and scholars to WCU; evaluate IPS programs; and develop WCU into a higher-tier global education institution for teaching, research, services, and other international activities.
1. Encourage more WCU faculty to develop high-quality faculty-led study abroad courses
2. Develop international internship opportunities for students
3. Recruit more WCU students to study and conduct internship abroad
4. Explore opportunities for faculty to teach and conduct research internationally
5. Recruit high-quality students and scholars from the global market to WCU
6. Promote WCU internationally through other creative initiatives
Meeting Frequency
Once a semester or as often as needed

Brian Kloeppel
  Dean/Professor, Graduate School & Research

Channa DeSilva
Assistant Professor of Chemistry, College of Arts & Sciences

Dan Grube
Associate Professor, Director, School of Teaching & Learning, College of Education and Allied Professions

Farzaneh Razzaghi
Dean, Hunter Library

Jen Schiff
Program Director/Associate Professor, International Studies Program, College of Arts and Sciences

Jill Granger
Dean, Honors College

Ling Gao LeBeau
Director, International Programs and Services

Santiago García-Castañón
Professor of Spanish, Department of World Languages

Steve Henson
Associate Professor, College of Business

Weiguo "Bill" Yang
Associate Professor, College of Engineering and Technology

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