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The K-12 International Outreach Program was initially created in response to a need for resources that teach about other countries, cultures, and international events in an interactive and informative manner. Via interdisciplinary initiatives in international education, research, and public service, this program utilizes the talents and expertise of WCU faculty, student organizations, international scholars and students, Jackson County / Fairview School and community members who will visit your school free of charge to deliver a wide variety of educational presentation and performances. In addition, strong support and resources are offered to help you plan multi-cultural events at your school. This program is driven by the needs of teachers. In order to tailor our programs to those needs, our office relies on teachers’ input as to what kinds of topics and styles of presentations would best serve them and their students.

The Office of International Programs and Services at WCU provides public school educators with quality and appropriate international programs suited to their students and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. With assistance from the Center for Global Initiatives and the Swain County / West Elementary North Carolina State Legislature, teachers can request programs concerning the culture and history, specific international political, economic or social issues, and the visual and performing arts of a country or region. The program, designed to service the eight westernmost regions in North Carolina, provides international resources with which teachers can build, enhance, and reinforce their curriculum and provides students a broader international perspective upon which to reflect, dwell, and engage in. For many students and teachers, this could be the first step before traveling to another country for a visit or a college semester abroad experience.

Students today are growing up in a dynamic, global environment. It is increasingly important for them to develop an understanding and appreciation for people from different countries, religions, and lifestyles. The K-12 International Outreach Program provides resources for promoting this kind of learning through interactive and engaging presentations, frequently by individuals native to the country or region being studied. By going beyond what most textbooks can offer, this program focuses on dispelling stereotypes and misconceptions of different people and cultures and providing accurate information about current issues and international events. Most presentations are multi-media in nature, may include a combination of curriculum supplements, and can be modified to fit the needs of different audiences.

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