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There are three housing options available to students enrolled in the Intensive English Program at Western Carolina University.  Learn more about these options below.

IMPORTANT: Student housing is in high demand. Our office strongly recommends that accepted students plan their housing as early as possible.

Questions? Please contact our office at or +1 828.227.4933. We are here to help!

On-Campus Housing

Live with a roommate. Make friends in your residence hall. Practice and learn English every day.

On Campus Housing Options for IEP Students


Who Can Live Here: Full semester students and some special programs 
Why Choose This Option: Located on campus, close to IEP classes, easy to attend university student activities and does not require a car. On-campus shuttles offers free transportation to important campus locations. This shuttle system does not provide off-campus transportation.
Your Living Space: Shared living space with a roommate. Residence Hall rooms are equipped with furniture, utilities, and high-speed internet. Most rooms include an ensuite bathroom and a few have a shared kitchen.
Meals: Meal plans are a required purchase for all students who live in a dormitory. All-You-Can-Eat meals are served in campus dining halls. On-campus restaurants and coffee shops also offer a wide variety of food choices.
Does Not include: linens (bed sheets, blankets), bathroom items (towel, washcloth), or kitchen items (pots, pans). 

NOTE: On-campus housing is not available for couples, families, or families with children.

Apply today. Download the housing contract below that is correct for your semester. Send the signed contract to us at Our office will help you with the on-campus housing application process.


Discover a unique experience, enjoy life with an American family.

Example Bedroom for a Homestay Option


Who Can Live Here: Full semester students and special programs
Why Choose This Option: Experience American culture every day. The host family provides transportation to and from WCU for IEP classes. 
Your Living Space: A private bedroom.
Meals: Breakfast and dinner are provided by the homestay family every day.
Does not include: Lunch. You are responsible for this. There are options available on-campus from WCU and special meal plans are available for purchase during the Fall and Spring semesters. Email for more information.

NOTE: The homestay experience is a potential option for all students. 

direct questions about this housing option here

Off Campus Housing

Easily engage in the local community. Rent your own apartment or house.

Screenshot of the Off Campus Housing Website


Who Can Live Here: Recommended for full year students only.
Why Live Here: Located in the surrounding communities where you can engage in American life outside of a university setting. Ideal for older students and students with families.
Your Living Space: Varies from location to location. Explore all the options here
Meals: All food shopping and meal preparation is your responsibility. A special on-campus meal plan is available for purchase from WCU during the Fall and Spring semesters. Email for more information.
Does not include: Transportation. Students are responsible for all transportation. Local public bus and taxi services are both expensive and not very convenient. If you do not plan on buying a car, we strongly recommend you rent housing that is within walking distance of WCU's campus.

NOTE: Off-campus housing is a good option for couples and families with children and most apartments require tenants to sign a twelve (12) month contract. Please plan accordingly.

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Estimated Housing Cost

All costs represented below are proposed costs and are subject to change. The Homestay estimate represented is an unofficial cost and the exact cost must be confirmed with Do Host Family Services. Please note that for full semester program participants, on-campus housing for winter break is an additional fee. Contact us at for more information about specific housing costs.

16 Week Full Semester Program





USD $4060-5433



USD $5292


Off Campus


8 Week Summer Program





USD $2272-2388



USD $2352


Off Campus


Custom Programs





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