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Global Learning Academy

The 2nd WCU Global Learning Academy

The WCU Global Learning Academy exists to develop a team of WCU faculty who work with professionals to internationalize their curriculum (i.e., integrate global dimensions into academic courses).

The 2nd WCU Global Learning Academy will span an eight-month period, beginning in September 2017 and ending in April 2018.

Full-time WCU instructors. Applications can also be made by program or interdisciplinary team.

The Academy will start with an initial retreat in September 2017, and then continue with two-hour monthly meetings (on WCU's main campus) through April 2017. The tentative monthly meetings are on Thursday afternoon from 3:15 to 5:15pm in Sept. Oct., Nov., Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr.

A selection committee will choose the Global Learning Academy fellows. Enrollment is limited strictly to 10 participants.

Those interested in joining the 2017 Academy should send the following material to Ling LeBeau, Director of International Programs and Services, at by 5:00 pm on May 15, 2017.

  • A Course Proposal (no more than one page) in which you A) identify the specific course you plan to       internationalize during the program (this can be a new or existing course), B) outline the various global or cultural   themes you potentially want to incorporate into that course, and C) provide an assessment of the impact of that course on the larger WCU community.
  • Curriculum Vitae (no more than three pages)

 Academy Sessions

  • Topics: Curriculum Internationalization: Articulating Global Learning Outcome; Assessing Global Learning Outcomes: Curriculum Integration: Collaborative Online International Learning;
  • Speakers: : Nationally renowned scholars; WCU leaders
  • Materials: books and other resources (free)

 Academy Outcomes:

The Global Learning Academy experience will provide participants with the opportunity to

  • Build experience and expertise in high-quality pedagogical content knowledge that emphasizes student global learning
  • Develop a toolkit of evidence-based practices for implementing curriculum internationalization
  • Launch a sustainable network of practitioners and support staff across the region
  • Create an innovative course framework and set of course materials that reflect a vision of new possibilities for bringing the world to Western North Carolina
  • Serve as advocates for global learning and curriculum internationalization across WCU, the UNC system, and elsewhere.

 Global Learning Academy Project:

The Global Learning Academy is project based, and participants will be expected to develop a course or courses that integrate global learning in a substantial way. This course must be planned to be offered at WCU within the next two years. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in scholarship projects related to their work and to serve as examples and spokespersons for curriculum internationalization on campus and elsewhere.

For more information, please contact Dr. Ling LeBeau at or 828-227-3433.

WCU 2nd Global Learning Academy (September 2017 to April 2018)

  Thursday, September 21, 2017

3:15 to 5:00 pm

 Initial Retreat
• Welcome to the Global Learning Academy
• Reflection on the 1st Global Learning Academy from alumni
• WCU's Internationalization Strategic Plan

Location: Hunter 186


  Thursday, October 26, 2017
3:15 to 4:15pm 

Topic: Introduction to Curriculum Internationalization

Speaker: Dr. Hilary Kahn
Assistant Dean for International Education and Global Initiatives
Indiana University Bloomington
President for AIEA (Association of International Education Administrators)

Location: Camp 133

4:15 to 4:40 pm  Group Discussion

4:40 to 5:00 pm

WCU Speaker – International Students


Thursday, November 09, 2017

3:15 to 4:15pm 

Topic: Articulating Global Learning

Speaker: Dr. Dawn Whitehead
Senior Director for Global Learning and Curricular Change
Office of Integrative Liberal Learning and the Global Commons

Location: Camp 133

4:15 to 4:40 pm   Group Discussion

4:40 to 5:00 pm

WCU Speaker – Farzaneh Razzaghi (will also discuss library resources around internationalizing the curriculum) 


Thursday, January 25, 2018 

3:15 to 4:15pm 

Topic: Assessment of Global Learning Outcomes

Speaker: Dr. Darla Deardorff
Executive director of AIEA (Association of International Education Administrators), Duke University

Location: Camp 133

4:15 to 4:40 pm   Group Discussion

4:40 to 5:00 pm

WCU Speaker – Andrea Moshier, Sponsored Research


Thursday, February 15, 2018

3:15 to 4:15pm

Topic: Curriculum Integration

Speaker: Dr. Hilary Landorf
Director, Office of Global Learning Initiatives & Associate Professor
College of Education
Florida International University

Location: Camp 133

4:15 to 4:40 pm Group Discussion

4:40 to 5:00 pm

WCU Speaker – Sky Sampson, Director of Cherokee Center 


Thursday, March 22, 2018

3:15 to 4:15pm

Topic: Collaborative Online International Learning

Speaker: Greg Tuke
Lecturer at University of Washington
Fulbright Fellow
Location: Camp 133

4:15 to 4:40 pm  Group Discussion

4:40 to 5:00 pm 

WCU Speaker – Amy Rose, Fulbright-Hayes Grant Recipient


Thursday, April 26, 2018

3:15 to 4:15pm

Project Presentation
Location: Hunter 186

4:15 to 4:40 pm Group Discussion


              David Tyler, Sport Management
              SM 350: Global Sport & Culture

              Nancy Luke, Education
              EDEL 446: Digital Literacy

              Rus Binkley, Education
              EDCI 305: Global Educational Systems

              Melissa Birkhofer, English
              ENGL 202 Themed Course – Global Food Crisis

              Rebecca Dobbs, Geosciences and Natural Resources
              GEOG 350 – Economic Geography

              Omidreza Shoghi, Construction Management
              Introduction of Construction

              Baldwin Sanders, Nutrition

              Ian Hewer, Nursing

              Yanjun Yan, Engineering

              Todd Watson, Physical Therapy

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