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Academic Integrity Resources for Faculty

Western Carolina University strives to achieve the highest standards of scholarship and integrity and is working hard to improve the quality of your education. Academic integrity is the moral code of academia that requires a commitment to and demonstration of honest behavior. Violations of academic integrity undermine the value of one’s education, interfere with the basic mission of education, and tarnish the reputation of the individual and institution.

The intent of Academic Integrity support is to help prevent academic dishonesty and to support tools to detect instances of academic dishonesty if they should occur.  Some of the methods that we use are:

  1. Consultation - Educational developers and Learning Management System specialists at the Coulter Faculty Commons (CFC) work one-on-one with faculty members and graduate teaching assistants to help them design and teach courses in ways that encourage academic honesty and lasting learning.
  2. Workshops - The team at the CFC assists full-time and adjunct faculty members through regularly offered workshops covering pedagogical strategies for both online and face-to-face learning. The CFC routinely creates and offers training sessions based on departmental and programmatic needs. 


Academic Integrity support is offered to all faculty members and graduate teaching assistants.


The staff at the Coulter Faculty Commons helps faculty members implement SafeAssign and weave academic integrity strategies into their teaching practices. The staff in the Office of Student Conduct and at the Writing and Learning Commons (WaLC) can help students better understand the Academic Integrity Policy to prevent offenses.

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