Academic Integrity Resources for Faculty

The intent of Academic Integrity Support:

Academic Integrity Support helps to detect and prevent offenses using two important methods:

1. Consultation- Instructional developers at the Coulter Faculty Commons work with faculty members and graduate teaching assistants to encourage academic honesty through course assignment and design

2. SafeAssign- A plagiarism prevention service offered through Blackboard to discourage dishonesty and educate students on how to avoid committing plagiarism

What is SafeAssign?

SafeAssign is a tool that compares student papers with different databases to detect unoriginal content and help students understand copyright laws and regulations. This service is provided to faculty and staff using Blackboard to prevent unauthorized use of copyrighted materials and avoid unintentional violations of the Academic Integrity Policy.


Academic Integrity Support offers several benefits to help maintain the truthfulness of education:

A well-constructed course discourages academic dishonesty
Properly written assignments prevent students from needing to be dishonest
SafeAssign makes easier for instructors to detect plagiarism in student work
Preventing unintentional violations of copyright laws makes research more meaningful
Educating students on the dynamics of plagiarism makes it less likely to happen
Using proper citations is an important skill for all types of research

Academic Integrity Support is offered to all faculty and graduate teaching assistants. Students seeking help in understanding the Academic Integrity Policy should contact the Writing and Learning Commons or the Department of Student Ethics.


The staff at the Coulter Faculty Center helps implement SafeAssign and integrate academic honesty into course structure and design. The staff in the Department of Student Ethics and the Writing and Learning Commons can help students better understand the WCU Academic Integrity Policy and prevent offenses.

Hunter Library
Writing and Learning Commons
Coulter Faculty Commons
Student Community Ethics (Formerly Judicial Affairs)
Legal Counsel

Academic Integrity Policy

WCU Academic Integrity Policy


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