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Stage and Screen Program

Stage and Screen student making costumes


About the Program

The Bachelors of Arts in Stage and Screen is for the student with interest and talent in multiple crafts who intends to work in both theatre and film.  Students will have the opportunity to broadly study film production, acting, theatrical design, theatre production, theory, directing, writing, and more.  Unlike the BFA programs offered by the School of Stage and Screen, the BA is significantly less prescriptive and allows for students to have more choice in their course of study.  Entrance into the BA in Stage and Screen is competitive and is by admission/interview only.

Program Requirements

The B.A. in Stage and Screen requires 57 hours of courses in the major, plus the University requirement of 42 hours of liberal studies. In addition, students must take 21 hours of electives.


Program Continuation Policy

Mission Statement 

To spark creativity, facilitate innovation, and cultivate artists who are confident and prepared to succeed in the entertainment industry.


  1. We believe in the power of storytelling to transform both the audience and the artist.
  2. We surround our students with practitioners who are devoted to their disciplines and have real-world experience as artists.
  3. We encourage our students to possess an understanding of the comprehensive process in an immersive mentored environment where students learn by doing.
  4. We place a strong emphasis on technique and industry standards and their vital role in serving the artistic process.
  5. We believe students should be cognizant of the historical, social, and cultural contexts of the art form.
  6. We celebrate diverse people, perspectives, and cultural influences. 
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