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Theatre, Musical Theatre Concentration

School of Stage and Screen Production Hair


About the Program

“All the world is a stage” and at WCU we’ll prepare you—the singer, dancer, and actor—to step onto the professional stage of musical theatre. From world-class faculty to cutting-edge facilities to a rigorous curriculum, we’ll provide you with a strong foundation in the performance and technical aspects of musical theatre and equip you with the tools you need for a professional career or graduate study. Entrance into the BFA in Theatre - Musical Theatre is competitive and is by admission/interview only.

Broadway legend Terrence Mann heads our “cast” of professional faculty who bring you a rare and invaluable insider’s perspective to the scholarship and performance of musical theatre. From your admittance audition to graduation and beyond, our team of experts is committed to your development and success.

The Musical Theatre Program at WCU is administered by the School of Stage & Screen. The school is accredited by the  National Association of Schools of Theatre. The School of Stage and Screen is a member organization of the North Carolina Theatre Conference (NCTC).

Program Requirements

The B.F.A. in Musical Theatre requires 69 hours of courses in the major, plus the University requirement of 42 hours of liberal studies. In addition, students must take 9 hours of electives. An internship is required, which most students normally complete in the summer between junior and senior year. 

Eight-Semester Plan for B.F.A., Musical Theatre Concentration

Program Contiunation Policy

We also offer a minor in dance which makes a good complement to the B.F.A. degree.

Mission Statement

To spark creativity, facilitate innovation, and cultivate artists who are confident and prepared to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Confirmed Values:

  1. We believe in the power of storytelling to transform both the audience and the artist.
  2. We surround our students with practitioners who are devoted to their disciplines and have real-world experience as artists.
  3. We encourage our students to possess an understanding of the comprehensive process in an immersive mentored environment where students learn by doing.
  4. We place a strong emphasis on technique and industry standards and their vital role in serving the artistic process.
  5. We believe students should be cognizant of the historical, social, and cultural contexts of the art form.
  6. We celebrate diverse people, perspectives, and cultural influences.


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