Arledge Armenaki

Arledge Armenaki 2


School of Stage & Screen
Associate Professor - Cinematography

Phone: 828.227.2255
Office Address: Belk 281

An award-winning cinematographer, Arledge Armenaki has more than 30 feature film and documentary television credits and decades of behind-the-camera experience.

Not only has Armenaki worked on films such as "South of Hell," "Club Fed," "Howling V" and "Dennis the Menace," but also on documentaries such as "Focus on Africa," which chronicled photographers' efforts in Tanzania and Kenya to save African wildlife. He recently served as director of photography for "Wesley," a feature film about the adventures and challenges of religious leader John Wesley. Reviewers have described the historical drama as "beautifully filmed" and the "best film of its type."

Film festival awards recognizing Armenaki's work include Best Cinematography for "A Letter From my Father" and the North Carolina Filmmaker Award for "Surrendering in a Champions World."

In addition, Armenaki has helped train many other cinematographers. He served as head of the cinematography program in the Department of Film at the Brooks Institute of Photography, where Armenaki himself earned his Bachelor of Performing Arts in 1974. He completed a one-year fellowship at the American Film Institute and was a filmmaker in residence and instructor of cinematography at the North Carolina School of the Arts. Armenaki currently is an associate professor of cinematography in the School of Stage and Screen at Western Carolina University.



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