Music, B.M.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree choose between three different concentrations: Commercial and Electronic Music, Performance or Music Education. 

Studio Musicians


The concentration in Commercial and Electronic Music combines traditional studies in music with courses in music technology, jazz and other popular musical styles, recording arts, music for film and video and MIDI/synthesis. Students in this program may gain hands-on experience in WCU’s state-of-the-art recording studio. The program is led by Dr. Bruce Frazier, who is an accomplished composer and producer with more than a decade of experience producing scores for TVshows such as "Law and Order" and "Jag" in the 1990s as well as directing studio musicians on recordings for the likes of Dolly Parton and Ronnie Milsap 

The Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree with a concentration in Performance features eight semesters of lessons in your performing area, including two public recitals and opportunities for participation in a wide variety of ensembles. It also includes advanced study in music theory, literature, and performance. Most graduates of this program will go on to further study at the graduate level.  

The Bachelor of Music degree with a concentration in Music Education (B.M./B.S.Ed.) provides students with the thorough training necessary to be a successful music educator in the public schools of North Carolina and the region. Graduates receive both the B.S. and B.S.Ed. degrees.  Our Music Education students have ample opportunity to prepare for jobs leading high school programs by working with the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band, conducting our symphonic band, and more. Plus, Music Education students complete a semester of student teaching in a public school band, choral, or elementary music program.

The B.M. in Music requires 128 total hours. To major in music, students must pass an audition in the principal performance area and take a music aptitude examination. All music majors must pass a public recital in the last semester of principal applied lessons before a degree will be granted. MUS 371, 372, 373 must (unless exempted) reflect the applied study area; only one will count per semester. For students in the B.M. program, marching band is required only in the Instrumental Music Education Concentration.

A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for graduation with the B.M. degree.  

Learn more about the requirements for a B.M. in Music.

Students pursuing a B.M. in Music may follow a prescribed schedule of study to complete their degree in eight semesters. 


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