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Performance Technology Private Lesson Studio

What is the Performance Technology studio?

The Performance Technology studio (formerly called the MIDI / Synthesis studio) is part of the Commercial Music & Audio Production program. It focuses on live performance with music technology. The studio is anchored in 4 disciplines: sound design, audio production, computer literacy, and performance. Students do the following in their weekly lessons:

  • Create unique sounds and textures (sound design)
  • Enhance their DAW sessions to sound clearer and more well-balanced (audio production)
  • Configure the computer to enable a smooth performance (computer literacy)
  • Practice performing with music technology (performance)

Piano keyboard performance is part of the weekly lesson regiment. This is because keyboard is a prevailing tool in tech world. Every Performance Technology student must study keyboard performance. However, students are free to explore other instruments in addition to keyboard, such as--but not limited to--analog synthesizer, launchpad, Theremin, turntable, or Arduino. 

Below is a performance given by Performance Tech student Gabe Spivey (class of 2021). This is the kind of work students learn to produce in their private lessons:

Dreamless by Gabe Spivey

 What kind of music do Performance Technology students make?

1) Alkaline by SALT
2) Life of a Hero by Cody-Lee Keener

Performances given with music technology may be in any genre. Performance Tech students are also welcome to create their own electronic musical instruments, such as softsynths, sample libraries, or circuit-bends. In addition, they may ask for feedback on music created outside of class, as long as the required coursework is completed first. To the left are a couple tracks made by Performance Technology students.

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