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Catamount Singers and Electric Soul

Catamount Singers and Electric Soul


Who We Are



The Catamount Singers is a small commercial voice ensemble (by audition only) directed by Dr. Tiffany Renée Jackson that represents the pride, spirit, and soul of the WCU community. The group is comprised of confident and well-rounded singing artists, who are song writers, instrumentalists, and future educators.  The members are given a space for artistic growth to accommodate an ever-changing world. In doing so, each singer will represent themselves as individual artists with unique talents, which they are expected to share for the betterment of the whole. We are individuals, we are community, and we stand for excellence. Michael Yannette is the pianist for the Catamount Singers. 

Show Title


2019 Production "Made in America"

The Catamount Singers and Electric Soul invite you to "Made in America". With the hits of some of America's biggest pop stars. You won't want to miss this exciting show!

Some of our featured artist will include Earth, Wind, and Fire, James Brown, Pentatonix, Pink!, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and the queen of soul herself, Aretha Franklin!

Don't miss out on this night of incredible music. 

2019 Cast and Crew

Catamount Singers 

  • Rena Dawkins
  • Graham Harrington
  • Christine Reeder 
  • David Benoit
  • Nate Hannah
  • Malik Rowland

Electric Soul

  • Evan Coia - Alto Sax
  • Tyler Townson - Tenor Sax
  • Dustin Crowe - Trumpet
  • Liam Schaefer - Trumpet
  • Tim Justiss - Trombone
  • David Kellogg - Piano/Synth
  • Blake Jones - Guitar
  • Tucker Ellis - Guitar
  • Matt Brooks - Bass Guitar
  • Aaron Brown - Drumset

Sound Engineers

  • Kaylynn Wilson
  • Dakota Groves


  • Matthew Brotherton
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