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Justin Leo Kennedy

School of Music
Visiting Instructor, Music Technology


Office: Belk 183A
Phone: 828-227-2400

D.M.A., Arizona State University
M.M., CSU Long Beach
B.M., Chicago College of Performing Arts

Justin Leo Kennedy is a composer and sound artist specializing in electronic music. Aside from teaching duties, he serves as the Director of the Music Technology Ensemble.

At WCU, Dr. Kennedy teaches his MIDI and synthesis students to create music in a variety of styles, ranging from bossa nova, to EDM, to orchestral cues. He also shows members of the Tech Ensemble how to perform music with various input devices like Nintendo controllers and motion trackers. Students who are a part of the MIDI / Synthesis studio can receive training from him in launchpad performance, modular synth sound design, Max for Live, and game audio.

Justin has been invited to show his work at the Spoleto Festival (Italy), ISEA (Hong Kong), SEAMUS (Georgia), MUSLAB (Mexico), and more. His music has been heard at venues such as Disneyland, Hamburger Sprechwerk (Germany), and the Naru Arts Center (South Korea). 

Justin's pieces for electronics and Mongolian-inspired vocalizations earned him a selection as an Alternate for the Fulbright Fellowship, a Title VIII Fellowship, and Ventura's Endowment for the Arts. His avant-garde acoustic music was recently published in the 8th edition of Jean Ferris' textbook America's Musical Landscape. He will be speaking at the Game Sound Conference in Los Angeles in October 2019, giving a lecture on Koji Kondo's loop-point obscuration techniques.

Before academia, Justin worked full-time in the commercial market as Creative Director at Baltu Studios, where he composed music for games, did sound design for VR applications, and programmed interactive media installations. Presently, he is developing his own set of Max for Live plug-ins.

Feel free to visit Dr. Kennedy’s professional site to hear and see his work. 

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