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Sculpture teacher and students in studio


Sculpture students are encouraged to cross boundaries, invent processes, and explore innovative content in the areas of object-making, installation, performance, site-work, time-based art, and digital forms. 

Student working outside


The program establishes a solid foundation of traditional skills and concerns that promote both a historical and contemporary platform from which students can navigate.

Students are enabled with the skills necessary to explore concepts and content relevant both in today’s world, and in the creation of a personal vision.

At the core of this program, students are instilled with the practical, hands-on knowledge of materials and fabrication techniques necessary to facilitate these concepts and ideas.

The sculpture faculty seeks to promote individual student explorations and independence within a contemporary framework, while curriculum provides exposure to a range of skills, techniques, and resources.

The Sculpture Program has three open studios plus access to large outdoor working areas:

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Wood-Mixed Media
  • Plaster Mold-Making
  • Casting Pit
  • Shed/Carport
  • Concrete Pad work area and field
  • Partnership with Jackson County Green Energy Park (Dillsboro, NC) with access to Methane Foundry, Glass Hot shop and kiln
  • Critique Room/ Project Spaces
  • Foundations Studio: this room is dedicated to presenting both the two- and three-dimensional design classes
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