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Painting and Drawing



The Studio Art Program offers a emphasis in painting, drawing or a combination of these two areas. The skills of painting and drawing enable the artist-student to transform ideas from the mind to a piece of paper or canvas. For many, painting and drawing will always be considered to be the heart and soul of the visual arts.

SOAD Drawing Class, Student sketching still life in black and white


Although a student may choose to emphasize one or the other, within this studio, drawing and painting are not seen as separate activities but as interrelated and integrated. In fact, drawing is seen as important preparation for the artist’s ability to think visually in any medium.

The ability to create and realize three-dimensional form on a two-dimensional surface and to extend the objectification of a perceptual viewing of the world into symbolic and expressive realms--is a focus of introductory classes in this concentration.

Study of contemporary and historical works, readings in contemporary criticism and writings by other artists, trips to regional museums and galleries and instruction in techniques and materials provide a solid point of departure for subsequent studio experimentation.

The concentration in painting and drawing is not dogmatic. Rather it encourages each student to develop through practice a personally expressive visual language of form and color.

Drawing Studios

The general drawing studio is dedicated to beginning drawing with appropriate still life materials. The life drawing studio is equipped with risers and model furniture. Window treatments allow for restricting views into the studio and control of the ambient light.

Painting Studios

The painting studios are specifically designed for environmental conditions. The ventilation and space allow students to work on a range of sizes of works. A small construction area is designed into the space, allowing for construction of stretchers, and also contains a sink. A specific storage area is designed into the beginning painting studio, which allows for storage of unfinished works. It is possible for upper-level drawing classes to take place in this studio.



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