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Friends of the Arts Gala 2019


Friends of the Arts 2018-2019

Donations to Friends of the Arts support the academic mission of the David Orr Belcher College of Fine and Performing Arts, providing student scholarships, and bringing world-class artists to the classroom and community.

Updated as of June 15, 2019

* denotes current and retired faculty and staff
~ denotes Friends of the Arts Advancement Council

PLATINUM [$2,500 – 4,999]
Howard Allman
Dick Boger
George Brown* and Eli Collins-Brown*
Connie~ and Phil Haire

GOLD [$1,200 – 2,499]
Susan Belcher~
RADM Paul Busick and Cathy Busick
Tom and Judy Dowell
Ted and Kathy Kay
Jeanne~ and Patrick McGuire
Dick and Becky Olson
Lynda and Boyd Sossamon~
Elisabeth and Wade St. John
Terry Welch~ and Tom Wilson
Jan~ and Al Wilson               

SILVER [$500 – 1,199]
Kathy Abbott-Beam and David Beam
Carol Burton*
Ed and Andrea Cody~
Polly~ and Tom Davis
Ellen~ and Clifford Faull
Patricia Green
Gwang Su and Helen Han
Colleen Hayes*
Sheila and Jim Hodges
Lambert Hooper
Beth Lofquist
Paul Mason
Mary McGuire
Kathy Montgomery
Brenda O'Keefe
Michael* and Diane Schallock*
Don and Mary Otto Selzer
Debbie and Dale Sims
Brenda and David Warlick
Charles and Wanda Wolfe
Community Newspapers
The Sylva Herald 

BRONZE [$150 – 499]
Andrew Adams*
Claire Barton
Mary Kay Bauer* and Michael Waters
Steve* and Beth Baxley
Pedro Beildeck
Bob and Fran Berry
Earl and Jo Ann Black
Sue Ellen Bridgers
Al and Phyllis Byers
Gerry and Donna Cody
Jack Duckworth
Fitzallen Eldridge
Cliff and Ellen Faull
Craig* and Cathy Fowler
Lisa* and Mario Gaetano
Hart and Sara Goodson
Chuck and Penny Graham
Cathy Guenther
Wanda Herren
Fred Hinson
Bob and Barbara Holquist*
Kathleen Humphrey
Pat and David Kaemmerling
Matt* and Nancy Liddle*
Eleanor Lofquist
Rebecca Manring and Blake Queen
Alden McCracken and Sari Martin
Suzanne and Gene McDowell
Sam* and Renee Miller
Pat and Walt Morris
Mike and Maggi Oglesby
Wanda Padgett
Carol Payton
Ben* and Jenna Pendry
Rebecca and Michael Schlosser
Penny Smith* and Margaret Bray
Erin Tapley*
Mike and Libby Trull
Samuel Wallace*
Kay E. Wheeler~
Kathy and Mark Whitehead
John Wilcox
Frank and Jacqueline Willey
David Williamson
Stephen and Mary Bruce Woody
Phyllis Woollen
Barbara Zanglein
WNCW Radio/Isothermal Community College

FRIEND [$75 – 149]
Sue and Roger Bartlett
Linda Barton
Jenny Bean
Travis Bennett*
Diane Bonsall*
James and Lynne Browne
Elizabeth Butler
Kenneth Cabe
Russell Childers
Martha Chovan
Lee and Frank Cooper
Patricia Cowen
Lucia De Ratmiroff
Stephanie Drum*
Denise Drury Homewood*
Nancy* and Dennis Ford
Sheila* and David Frizzell
Curtis and Kathy Grace
Ann* and Michael Green
Winston and Carol Hardman
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hassell
Mark* and Mary Holliday
Jack Hudson
Barbara Huse
Susan Jenkins
Jon* and Elizabeth Jicha
Kathryn Johnson
Joan King
Kevin* and Kellye Kirkpatrick
Ron Laboray*
Mary Anna LaFratta*
Vicki and Guy Leary
Deborah and Bill Lefevers
Fran and Dennis Leftwich
Melissa Madrona
Dan and Sandy Patterson
Jamie* and Brent Raynor
John and Gratia Slater
June Smith
Carol Smoot
Michelle Sorensen*
Linda and Jimmie Stewart
Zsolt Szabo*
Richard* and Leslie Tichich
Donald and Allison Tomas
Samuel Wallace*
Jim and Gloria Wallace
Colin* and Ashlee Wasmund*
Natalie Watkins
Dustin Whitehead* 

*Current or retired WCU Faculty and Staff
~ Friends of the Arts Advancement Council 

Notice corrections? Please contact Diane Bonsall or 828.227.7028

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