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Friends of the Arts 2018-2019

Donations to Friends of the Arts support the academic mission of the David Orr Belcher College of Fine and Performing Arts, providing student scholarships, and bringing world-class artists to the classroom and community.

Updated as of September 20, 2018

* denotes current and retired faculty and staff
~ denotes Friends of the Arts Advancement Council

PLATINUM [$2,500 – 4,999]
Dick Boger
George Brown* and Eli Collins-Brown

 GOLD [$1,200 – 2,499]
Howard Allman
Tom and Judy Dowell
Connie~ and Phil Haire
Ted and Kathy Kay
Jeanne~ and Patrick McGuire
Lynda and Boyd Sossamon~
Elisabeth and Wade St. John
Terry Welch*~ and Tom Wilson
Jan~ and Al Wilson               

SILVER [$500 – 1,199]
Kathy and David Abbott-Beam
Carol Burton*
Polly~ and Tom Davis
Gwang Su and Helen Han
Colleen Hayes
Kathy Montgomery
Michael* and Diane Schallock*
Don and Mary Otto Selzer
Debbie and Dale Sims
Brenda and David Warlick
Charles and Wanda Wolfe 

BRONZE [$150 – 499]
Andrew Adams*
Claire Barton
Mary Kay Bauer* and Michael Waters
Bob and Fran Berry
Sue Ellen Bridgers
Al and Phyllis Byers
Jack Duckworth
Fitzallen Eldridge
Ellen~ and Clifford Faull
Craig* and Cathy Fowler
Lisa* and Mario Gaetano
Hart and Sara Goodson
Chuck and Penny Graham
Fred Hinson
Sheila and Jim Hodges
Bob Holquist*
Matt* and Nancy Liddle*
Eleanor Lofquist
Rebecca Manring and Blake Queen
Suzanne and Gene McDowell
Pat and Walt Morris
Mike and Maggi Oglesby
Wanda Padgett
Ben* and Jenna Pendry
Rebecca and Michael Schlosser
Penny Smith* and Margaret Bray
Erin Tapley*
Kathy and Mark Whitehead
Frank and Jacqueline Willey
David Williamson
Stephen and Mary Bruce Woody
Barbara Zanglein 

FRIEND [$75 – 149]
Sue and Roger Bartlett
Steve* and Beth Baxley
Jenny Bean
Travis Bennett*
Diane Bonsall*
James and Lynne Browne
Elizabeth Butler
Kenneth Cabe
Russell Childers
Martha Chovan
Patricia Cowen
Stephanie Drum*
Jack Duckworth
Nancy* and Dennis Ford
Sheila* and David Frizzell
Ann* and Michael Green
Cathy Guenther
Winston and Carol Hardman
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hassell
Wanda Herren
Mark* and Mary Holliday
Denise Drury Homewood*
Jack Hudson
Susan Jenkins
Jon* and Elizabeth Jicha
Joan King
Kevin* and Kellye Kirkpatrick
Ron* Laboray
Vicki and Guy Leary
Fran and Dennis Leftwich
Dan and Sandy Patterson
John and Gratia Slater
Newt* and June Smith
Carol Smoot
Michelle Sorensen*
Linda and Jimmie Stewart
Zsolt Szabo*
Richard* and Leslie Tichich
Donald and Allison Tomas
Samuel Wallace*
Jim and Gloria Wallace
Colin* and Ashlee Wasmund*
Natalie Watkins
Dustin Whitehead*
Ellen Wolter Perry* and Ken Perry 

*Current or retired WCU Faculty and Staff
~ Friends of the Arts Advancement Council 

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