Friends of the Arts Members


Friends of the Arts Members 2017-2018

Your annual membership in the WCU Friends of the Arts supports student artists with scholarships, creates quality arts programming for the region, and allows world class artists to visit students in the College of Fine and Performing Arts.

 updated as of December 1, 2017

* denotes current and retired faculty and staff
~ denotes Friends of the Arts Advancement Council

PURPLE ($5,000+)
David* and Susan Belcher
Harris Regional Hospital/Swain Community Hospital/
     Duke LifePoint Hospitals


GOLD ($1,200 - $2,499)
Howard Allman~
Tom and Judy Dowell
Phil and Connie Haire~
Bunny Johns~
Ted and Kathy Kay
Betty Lynn and Bill Kirwan*
Frank Lockwood and Donna Ross
Dianne Lynch~
Jeanne and Patrick McGuire~
Adair and David Simon
Lynda and Boyd Sossamon~
Elisabeth and Wade St. John
Terry Welch*~ and Tom Wilson
Jan and Al Wilson~


BRONZE ($150 – $499)
Terri Armfield*
Catherine Babb
Margaret Bare
Claire Barton
Bob* and Fran Berry
Earl and Jo Ann Black
Sue Ellen Bridgers
Roberta Buckner
Al and Phyllis Byers
Joan Byrd* and George Rector
Dianne and Ray Chadwick
Gerald and Donna Cody
Angela Connaughton
James* and Leslie Costa
Renee and Jay Coward
Polly Davis~
Martin DeWitt* and Sharon Sanders
Sharon Dole and Vincent Bryan
Stephanie Drum*
Fitzallen Eldridge*
Ellen and Cliff Faull
Bruce* and Angela Frazier
Dr. Rhonda Furr
Lisa* and Mario Gaetano
Hart and Sara Goodson
Chuck and Penny Graham
Diane Hagenbuch and David Williamson
Kendra Hamm*
Winston and Carol Hardman
Mary Lou and Bill Hightower
Fred Hinson*
Sharon Jacques
Patricia and David Kaemmerling
Matt* and Nancy Liddle*
Brenda* and Michael Lilly
Eleanor Lofquist*
Ms. Barbara Macon and Dr. James Herren
Al McCracken and Sari Martin
Suzanne McDowell
Kathy Montgomery and Mike Bowler
Patricia Morris
Mike and Maggi Oglesby
Roy Osborn
Wanda Padgett
Ben* and Jenna Pendry
Mr. and Mrs. Brien Peterkin
Mickey Pettus
Jamie* and Brent Raynor
Penny Smith* and Margaret Bray
Carolyn Toole
Mary Kay* and Michael Waters
Charles and Diane White
Dave Whitesides
Tom* and Margot Wilcox
Frank and Jacqueline Willey
Dr. Tom and Cindy Wilson
Baxter Wood
Stephen and Mary Bruce Woody
Barbara Zanglein

PLATINUM ($2,500 - $4,999)
Dick Boger
George Brown* and Eli Collins-Brown
James Hunnicutt
Will and Becky McKee
     in honor of David and Susan Belcher
Robert Shetlar and Alison Morrison-Shetlar*


SILVER ($500 - $1,199)
David Beam and Kathy Abbott-Beam
David and Margaret Agee~
Larry and Mary Arbaugh
Tracy Bailey and Ben Battle
RADM Paul Busick and Cathy Busick
Ed and Andrea Cody
James* and Barbara Dooley
Sheila and Jim Hodges
Bob Larsen and Bobbie Hume
Joan MacNeill
Will Peebles*
Michael and Diane Schallock*
Don and Mary Otto Selzer
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Tacia
Erin Tapley*
Brenda and David Warlick


FRIEND ($75 - $149)
Betty Allen
Michelle and Omelio Armas
Sue and Roger Bartlett
Steve* and Beth Baxley
Danice Beck
Travis Bennett*
Diane Bonsall*
Mary Jo and Charles Boswell
Lyn Burkett*
Karen and James Chambers
Martha Chovan
Sarah Cifani
Mae* and David Claxton
Claire Collins*
Patricia Cowen
Amy Dowling*
Jack Duckworth
Heather Mae Erickson*
Marjorie Eyre*
Nancy* and Dennis Ford
Janice Freeman
Sheila* and David Frizzell
Ann* and Michael Green
Saundra and Hughes Grogan
Wanda Herren
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hassell
Bob and Luann Hill
Denise Drury Homewood*
Jack Hudson
Susan Jenkins
Jon* and Elizabeth Jicha
Kathryn Johnson
Joan King
Kevin Kirkpatrick* and Kellye Slate
Lynn Koutsogiannis
Ron Laboray*
Mary Anna LaFratta*
Laura Lembeck
Carol May*
Mary Lou Millwood*
Allen and Joyce Moore*
Elizabeth Neely
Ed and Jan Newton
Dan and Sandy Patterson
Ellen Wolter Perry* and Ken Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Posey, Jr.
Beth Robinson
Denese Robinson
Joy Shea*
John* and Gracia Slater
June Smith
Michelle Sorensen*
Linda and Jimmie Stewart
Zsolt Szabo*
Tommy Tabor
Richard* and Leslie Tichich
Donald and Allison Tomas
Natalie Watkins
Kay Wheeler
Meg White
Dustin Whitehead*
Kathy and Mark Whitehead
Lambert Wilson and Jenny Holland
Chuck* and Kathy Wooten
Sandra Wyatt
Dianne and Ronald Yount
Reilly Yount

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