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If you pursue a degree in management, you will find courses utilizing the most contemporary information about the constantly evolving area of business management. In these courses, you will develop real-world skills through application-oriented, hands-on work that transcends the classroom.

The Management Program can help prepare you for a future role as a business leader by providing you with the fundamentals of business and skills in areas such as communication, decision-making, leadership, collaboration, and professional behavior.

What can you do with a degree in Management? You'll find a world of opportunities available to you in jobs that involve aspects of organizing, directing, planning, and overseeing. Our program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to be successful in a myriad of professions, including: human resource, manufacturing, purchasing and healthcare management; government and non-profit agencies; insurance, banking, and real estate.

The B.S.B.A. in Management requires 120 total hours: 42 Liberal Studies hours, 36 Business Core hours, 27 major hours and 15-21 general elective hours, depending on Liberal Studies courses completed.

Major Requirements

The following 27 hours in the major:  

Liberal Studies: 42 hours

Liberal Studies Program Requirements 

Business Core: 36 hours

Business Core Requirements

Students who wish to finish their Management degree in eight semesters can follow a prescribed program of study:

For a B.S.B.A. in Management

For dual degrees in Management and Marketing

For dual degrees in Management and Business Administration & Law

For dual degrees in Management and Entrepreneurship


Students who wish to finish their Management degree in three years can follow a prescribed program of study:

For a B.S.B.A. in Management (three year plan)

Students who wish to receive a  minor in Management must complete 18 hours of study.
Students who wish to receive a  minor in Business Administration must complete 18 total hours of study.

Dual degrees

It is possible to fulfill the requirements of dual degrees within the 120 hours required for a B.S.B.A.

Students who wish to finish a dual degree in Management and Marketing in eight semesters can follow a prescribed program of study.  
Students who wish to finish a dual degree in Management and Business Administration & Law in eight semesters can follow a prescribed program of study.


There are numerous internship opportunities for students. In some cases internships are established through a faculty member in the student's major. Oftentimes students find part-time jobs in an area related to their field of study. When this happens, students should discuss with their academic advisor the possibility of receiving college credit. Generally, three hours of general elective credit can be earned for a minimum of 200 hours of experience.


  • Three (possibly more) hours of course credit which counts as a general elective towards your degree
  • Compensation
  • Relevant entry-level experience
  • Ability to make a more informed career decision and to be ahead of peers who do not have experience in the field
  • Future contacts and references/networking opportunities

How to Apply and Prepare

  • Visit WCU Career Services and obtain information about resumes, job searches, and interviewing
  • Attend Career Services seminar on Resume Writing and schedule an appointment with Career Services for resume assistance
  • Attend Interviewing Skills and Job Search Seminars
  • Become involved in the appropriate student organization: The Accounting Club, Beta Alpha Psi, The Finance Club, The Association for Information Technology Professionals. Accounting majors are encouraged to attend the professional organization meetings of the North Carolina Association of CPA's (NCACPA)
  • Attend Career Fairs and Meet-the-Firms Night

Once you accept an internship offer, with permission from your academic advisor register for the internship course to obtain three hours of elective credit. All students must keep a work log, submit a written report and make a short presentation to faculty and students about their work

Study Abroad

International Programs and Services' Study Abroad Program and the School of Economics, Management, and Project Management have teamed up to offer a unique chance for students to earn not one but two degrees.

Students interested in expanding their worldviews can participate in a bi-lateral agreement that enables them to spend a year at the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology in Galway, Ireland; the Avans Hogeschool in Breda, Netherlands; or the University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd, Wales.

Students can take up to 36 hours of courses that utilize hands-on experience to expand their worldview for a global business market. Students participating in the program will receive a degree both from the European university they visit and from WCU.
Interested students should schedule an appointment with WCU's International Programs and Services

For more information, contact Professor Debra Burke at

Student Clubs & Organizations--Management Club

Management Club

The Management Club is dedicated to exposing students to the practical world of managing a business, non-profit, or organization. They create an environment where students can show leadership, gain an understanding of real management problems, and create a social network that will serve them in their careers and in life. They also take trips to area manufacturing facilities, participate in service activities, and work to create strong ties through social functions. If you are interested in joining the Management Club, please e-mail Dr. Yue Cai-Hillon at

Management Faculty
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Andrew Carnes Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Todd Creasy D.M.; Associate Professor
MBA Program Director
Theresa Domagalski Ph.D.; Associate Professor
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Yue C. Hillon Ph.D.; Associate Professor
Thabryxelle Hudson Ph.D.; Assistant Professor
Nathan Johnson Ph.D.; Assistant Professor
Hollye Moss Ph.D.; Professor
Interim Dean, College of Business
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