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Accounting, Finance, Information Systems and Business Law

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The WCU Department of Accounting, Finance, Information Systems and Economics offers a wide variety of academic programs designed to prepare students to be tomorrow’s business leaders in the private, government, or public sector.

Currently we have over 168 students enrolled in accounting, with an average of 30-35 graduating seniors each year; 162 students enrolled in finance, with approximately 20 graduating seniors per year; and 103 computer information systems majors, with an average of 20-25 graduating seniors per year. Between distance and face-to-face students, the Business Law program has over 475 students enrolled.

Looking for an education that will prepare you for a vast array of high-paying, recession-proof careers? You’ve come to the right place. The Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics offers undergraduate and graduate programs that will prepare you to be tomorrow’s business leader.

For those interested in accounting, we offer a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) degree with a major in accounting and a Master of Accountancy (M.Ac.).

B.S.B.A. students are prepared for careers in corporate and small-business accounting, tax-return preparation, banking and financial services, cost analysis, management, internal audit, credit and collection and for graduate study in accounting, business, law and other areas. M.Ac. students are prepared for careers in public and government accounting as well as those stated previously.

For those interested in finance, we offer classes that prepare students for such careers as retail bank managers, loan officers, credit and collection, and other financial service careers. Students interested in financial planning can take classes that qualify them to sit for the Certified Financial Planner® Certification Exam and prepare them for careers in financial planning, stock brokerage, insurance and other financial services.

Both the accounting and finance major are suitable preparation for graduate studies in finance, business, accounting, law, and other areas.

The School of Accounting, Finance, Information Systems and Business Law offers an engaging and dynamic curriculum for department majors and other students interested in augmenting their studies.

The department’s curriculum focuses on the development of critical thinking and decision-making abilities to help prepare students for the challenges they will face in a wide variety of careers. Depending on your interests, we have a program that will work for you.

Accounting: Pursue a B.S.B.A to prepare for a wide range of careers. A minor in accountancy also is offered.

Business Administration and Law: Pursue a B.S.B.A to prepare for a wide range of careers.  This program is also offered online. Minors in Business Administration and Law as well as Conflict Resolution are also offered.

Computer Information Systems: Both the B.S.B.A. in Computer Information Systems and the minor are composed of classes that are geared to prepare you to solve business problems with information technology solutions.

Finance: Pursue a B.S.B.A in Finance. A minor is also offered.

Master of Accountancy (M.Ac.) Program: The M.Ac. program is favored by students interested in a career in public accounting. WCU's M.Ac. courses are offered only in Asheville, at our location in Biltmore Park.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program: Our MBA curriculum was designed in collaboration with employers in western North Carolina, WCU College of Business faculty, and recent MBA graduates. Our students exit the program Business Ready® to meet the employment needs of aspiring graduates and the regional business community.

Master of Innovation Leadership and Entrepreneurship (M.E.) Program: Our Master of Innovation Leadership and Entrepreneurship program was designed by seasoned entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our highly qualified faculty deliver an integrated curriculum focused on practical applications of entrepreneurial and innovation concepts and skills. Taught completely online, our program allows students to continue working while pursuing their degree.

Mission Statement

The School's mission is to equip students with knowledge and skills needed to become business ready® graduates. Through teaching, our primary responsibility, we strive to create a learning environment of excellence with a personal touch. We encourage the development of global awareness, effective communication skills, critical thinking and decision-making abilities and provide our undergraduate and graduate students with the requisite foundation of proper knowledge and professional skills.  We maintain a qualified and motivated faculty by engaging primarily in applied and instructional development research and through service to our campus, professional and regional constituencies.

Accounting, Finance, Information Systems and Business Law Faculty
Todd Creasy PhD., Professor of Project Management
School Director, Director of MBA
Grace Allen Ph.D.; Professor of Finance
Andrew Emerson J.D.; Assistant Professor of Business Law
Debra Burke J.D.; Professor of Business Law and Interim Dean
Hai-yang Chen PhD.; Professor of Finance
Daniel Clapper Ph.D.; Professor of CIS
Leobardo Diasdado Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of Finance
Hossein Fazilatfar J.D., Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of Business Law
Kenneth Flynt M.E.; Associate Dean of Outreach and Engagment
Janet Ford J.D.; Associate Professor of Business Law
Will Kapakos M.B.A.; Assistant Professor of CIS
N. Leroy Kauffman Ph.D.; Professor of Accounting
Marco Lam Ph.D.; Associate Professor of Accounting
Jane Livingstone Ph.D.; Professor of Accounting
Peter Ormerod J.D.; Assistant Professor of Business Law
Patrick Payne Ph.D.; Assistant Professor of Finance
Sanjay Rajagopal D.B.A.; Professor of Finance
Doug Parker MAcc. Assistant Professor of Accounting
Ken Sanney J.D.; Professor of Business Law
Susan Swanger Ph.D.; Professor of Accounting and
Director of MAcc Program
Barbara Jo White Ph.D.; Professor of CIS
Lorrie Willey J.D.; Professor of Business Law
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