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Ideas with Impact

Learn more about how faculty in the College of Business are having a positive impact on our region

Yue Hillon

Study of Female Management Consultants

A recent study by a group of Western Carolina University professors in the College of Business indicates that leveraging applications that utilize artificial intelligence holds promise for test preparation and job interview practice by students, with potential benefits beyond academia.  

Brian Whelan

Marketing professor’s research indicates iconic brands may want to avoid extensive social media

A recent research project led by Brian Whelan reaches the surprising conclusion that a higher level of social media activity on behalf of instantly recognizable brands results in a decrease in consumer attachment to those brands.  

Ethan Cheng

Customer sensory experiences, behaviors at cartoon-themed restaurants

A faculty member in Western Carolina University’s Hospitality and Tourism Management Program is conducting research examining various factors that can influence customer sensory experiences at themed restaurants and affect their behavioral intentions.  

Todd Creasy

New study examines role of personality dimensions in project improvement teams

Although the importance of conflict management style, self-monitoring and change orientation is well-established in the management sciences, recent research by a Western Carolina University professor suggests that those personality traits are frequently overlooked when organizations assemble teams tasked with improving business practices.  

Gary Curnutt

Researchers at WCU, CCU investigate pitfalls of alternative financing methods in the Carolinas

A study conducted by an assistant professor of finance at Western Carolina University and a colleague at Coastal Carolina University indicates that residents of North Carolina and South Carolina are more likely to utilize pawn shops and rent-to-own stores as sources of short-term financing compared to residents of other states.  

Michael Shick

Researcher studying relationship between PTSD, organizational support systems, job performance

Ongoing research being conducted by Michael Shick, assistant professor of project management in the College of Business at Western Carolina University, may offer important insights into the relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and organizational support systems in settings beyond the military.  

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