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WHEE Teach

WHEETeach students

WHEE Teach 2015-2016

We now have a NEW way for you to take advantage of the WHEE Teach Experience!!

Are you ready to get a head start on your freshman college experience?

The WHEE Teach Summer Learning Community is currently taking applications!

Visit FYE Summer for more information!

Research shows that students who participate in learning communities:

    • Have a higher GPA than their peers.
    • Feel more connected to college and to their classmates.
    • Stay in college and have a lower dropout rate.
    • Experience a higher degree of satisfaction in their courses

The primary goals of the WHEE Teach Living and Learning Community and student organization include:

    • Providing incoming freshmen with a support system made up of students, faculty, and staff who share a passion for the field of education, our campus, and our community.
    • Helping students to get involved and make connection with our amazing faculty across campus, as well as with our public school partners.

      Sign up for WHEE Teach when you register for New Student Orientation!!

Students involved in the WHEE Teach LLC will live, learn, and socialize together on campus throughout their first year experience:

Living Together: Benton Hall

Students will live together in the residence hall where activities can continue at night and enrich the total student experience when they are living with those that they learn with. The Resident Advisors for the community are also education majors, and they will be organizing educational and social events for students who live in the community.

Learning Together: First Year Seminar and Teacher Leadership Seminar

Students will take their First Year Seminar (EDCI 191) and a Transition Pathways course (USI 130) as a cohort, alongside other students in the community. Both courses have education as a focus.

Student Organization: WHEE Teach

Students will take part in the student organization, WHEE Teach, which gives future teachers the opportunity to volunteer in schools and participate in educational service learning and social events with their classmates and roommates.

Mentors: WHEETeach II

Students will be paired with a Sophomore WheeTeach Mentor for the duration of their freshman year.

WHEETeach students and teachers

2015-2016 WHEE Teach Mentors

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