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N.C. Licensure Exam Registration & Study Resources

WCU School Code: 5897

When registering for Praxis Core, candidates must indicate WCU as score recipient. When registering for Praxis II and Pearson exams, candidates must indicate WCU and NC DPI as score recipients. To be considered official, test scores should be delivered to WCU and NC DPI directly from the testing agency.

North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE) requires undergraduate degree-seeking teacher candidates to satisfactorily complete the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators tests, referred to as Praxis Core, as part of the process for formal admission to approved teacher education programs in North Carolina. The SBE sets minimum scores needed for admission to teacher education, including exemptions using qualifying SAT or ACT scores.

Praxis Core Writing and Math Canvas Workshops

The Praxis Core covers a broad range of content, and one of the hardest parts of preparing is knowing what to focus on. That’s why we created Praxis Core Workshops. In the Canvas workshops, you'll find everything you need to prepare for the Praxis Writing and Math sections! 

You can access these free, self-paced workshops anytime via your Canvas Dashboard. If you do not have access, contact Tabatha Gillett at

The Writing Workshop provides the following:

  • ABC’s and D on-demand writing strategy
  • practice prompt writing
  • review of language and research
  • Praxis Core writing tutor  

This Math Workshop provides the following:

  • PLAN-SOLVE-CHECK word problem strategy
  • skill and word problem practice 
  • video tutorials
  • practice exams and check-ins 
  • Praxis Core math tutor has collaborated with ETS (the creators of the Praxis Core) to develop an online Official Praxis Core Prep program.


  1. Create a free account at
  2. Navigate to the appropriate test (Reading, Writing, Math, or Combined) and complete practice tests, view on-demand videos, and review study guides


Students who already hold a four year degree and are seeking a second undergraduate degree or MAT degree certification are not required to pass the Praxis Core.

NC State Board of Education (SBE) requires all completers of an approved teacher education program to pass identified license exams. Timing of when passing scores are required is determined by NC SBE policy and IHE (i.e., WCU) expectations of their program completers. WCU recommends candidates for licensure when they have completed all requirements of the program, university, and state and provide documentation of an attempt of all relevant licensure exams prior to licensure recommendation.

IMPORTANT: Always check the NC Department of Public Instruction Licensure page for the most current information and ensure the correct test selection.
North Carolina Test Requirements

Praxis II Study Resources


North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE) requires Elementary Education, Special Education: General Curriculum, and Inclusive Education program completers to pass the Pearson Foundations of Reading AND EITHER General Curriculum math subtest or Praxis Elementary Education Mathematics CKT 7813 exam prior to being recommended by the IHE (i.e., WCU) for a teaching license. Additionally, Special Education and Inclusive Education need to pass identified Praxis II exams.

The EDRD 420 and EDRD 440 courses cover the test framework for NC Foundations of Reading. Please review all course materials prior to taking this test.


Be sure to review the “Prepare”site and utilize the many resources available as well as sections on General Curriculum and Foundations of Reading exams. Each set of preparation materials outline the content categories that will be measured by the exam and what percentage of the exam will be devoted to each topic.


The Pearson Reading Module is available on Canvas. Contact Suite 201 if you need access or have questions.


  1. Learn what the exam covers.
    You can find test specifications for your exam(s) in the Praxis Study Companions as well as for North Carolina's General Curriculum and Foundations of Reading exams. Each set of preparation materials outline the content categories that will be measured by the exam and what percentage of the exam will be devoted to each topic.
  2. Assess how well you know the content. 
    Research has shown that test takers tend to overestimate their preparedness — this is why some test takers assume they did well and then find out they did not pass. These tests are demanding enough to require serious review of likely content, and the longer you've been away from the content the more preparation you will most likely need. If it has been longer than a few months since you've studied your content area, you will want to make a concerted effort to prepare for the tests.
  3. Collect study materials.
    Obtaining and organizing your review materials for review are critical steps in preparing for the tests. Consider the following as you plan your study:
    1. Did you take a course in which the content area was covered? If yes, do you still have your book(s) or your notes?
    2. Check out a good introductory college or high-school level textbook that covers your topic from the library.
    3. Additional test preparation resources such as study guides and practice tests are available for most tests. Check the Praxis® Test Preparation Materials page to see what materials area available for your exam. The NC Foundations of Reading | General Curriculum Prepare page includes strategies, tutorials, videos, practice exams, and more.
  4. Plan and organize your time.
    You can begin to plan and organize your time while you are still collecting materials. Allow yourself plenty of time to review so you can avoid "cramming" new material at the end. Here are a few tips:

    1. Choose a test date (Praxis and NC Foundations of Reading | General Curriculum) far enough in the future to leave you plenty of preparation time.

    2. Work backward from that date to figure out how much time you need to review.

    3. Set a realistic scheduled and stick to it.

  5. Develop a study plan.

    A study plan provides a roadmap to prepare for the exams. It can help you understand what skills and knowledge are covered on the test and where to focus your attention. A written study plan can help you organize your efforts. ETS offers Praxis Core and Praxis II content-specific study plans (contact your Suite 201 advisor for a copy). While there are many online resources available, middle and high school textbooks are an excellent resource.




  • Educational Testing Service (ETS) for Praxis offers free Computer-delivered Testing Demonstration to help you become familiar with the computer-testing experience. The demonstration walks you through introductory screens and the various functions of the computer-delivered tests and then an interactive feature allows you to try out these functions.
  • ETS also offers a free Test Preparation Webinar Video (Flash, 11 min, 49 sec.) for teacher candidates preparing to take a Praxis test.
  • Materials to Recognize and Reduce Test Anxiety are also available from ETS.
  • Free and priced Praxis test preparation materials (print & ebook study guides, tutorials, webinars, strategies and tips) can be found through Educational Testing Service by selecting Prepare for a Test.
  • Praxis offers Study Companions covering over 130 Praxis tests, Interactive Practice Tests (IPTs), and all official Praxis test preparations materials.
  • The NC Foundations of Reading | General Curriculum exam site also offers a plethora of preparation materials.

TeachNC Reimbursement

STEP 1: You can get up to $100 reimbursed to you for any application related expenses from TeachNC!  All you have to do is submit your application and send in your receipts.

  • Create a TeachNC account
  • Register and pay for the Praxis Core Exam
  • Submit your TEP application in TK20 (Remember to take a screenshot of your successful submission as proof of application)
  • Submit your receipts to TeachNC
  • Claim your reimbursement!

Creating Your Profiles

Before registering for an account, make sure you have reviewed your test requirements. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us to make sure you are on the right track before registering for an exam.

STEP 2: You must create an account with the appropriate testing vendor for the specific test you are taking to be able to view testing locations, time, and complete the registration for the exam. You will need a valid email address & social security number to complete the account creation.



Once you set up your account, you will immediately be able to register for an exam as well as view any scores and testing history via the menu on the right side of your screen.

Register for Your Exam

STEP 3: After you create your Praxis and/or Pearson account, there will be a navigation menu on the right side of your screen. Click on “Register” to begin. Next you can search for multiple exams at the same time by clicking the “add” button when selecting a content area.
The North Carolina Praxis and Pearson sites do a great job walking you through the registration process. Simply follow the steps on the screen to complete registration.
*Note: You will only be able to schedule your testing appointment (date, time, and location) after completing the registration and payment processes.

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