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Student Ambassadors

The mission of the Student Ambassador program is to honor the students who best embody the mission, vision, and values of the College of Education and Allied Professions. The CEAP Student Ambassadors are the premier student representatives. These students personify the dedication and commitment we have for educating future leaders in the fields of parks and recreation management, psychology, and teacher education.

Current Ambassadors

Portrait of Benjamin Diaz


Benjamin Diaz (he/him/his)

Major: Elementary Education, Art Concentration


I grew up hearing amazing tales of Western from three of my aunts and their husbands who all attended WCU. From an early age, the love for this campus was embedded in me, a love that would only grow immensely when I arrived here as a student. For me, teaching is the way I feel that I can impact the world in a positive way. I found through my own experiences that teachers hold such an important role in our society and I hope to enrich my community and set our future generations up for success.

Ask me about the arts community and opportunities at WCU! 

Portrait of Quincy Goldsmith


Quincy Goldsmith (he/him/his)

Major: Elementary Education, History Concentration


Teaching is a profession that has been in my family for many decades and generations. Working with kids is my passion and in my past, I have been able to work with kids as a YMCA counselor in the Triad area and working at a mini golf resort in Raleigh.  I decided to come to Western because I love the mountains, exploring, and the education department. One of my favorite things about Western is the relationships I have made with my professors and the advisors in the education department.

Portrait of Dorothy Halwas


Dorothy Halwas (she/her/hers)

Major: Elementary Education, History Concentration


Teaching runs in my blood. I have amazing family members that have encouraged me to make a change in this world, and the best way to do that is to teach the new generations. I believe knowledge is the best gift you can give a person, and that’s my goal as a teacher. WCU has an amazing education program with faculty, staff, and peers that have helped guide me on this journey to teaching.

Ask me about history class options at WCU!

Portrait of Jocelyn Holden


Jocelyn Holden (she/her/hers)

Major: Elementary Education, Health and Wellness Promotion Concentration Gifted (AIG) Add-on Licensure


I chose Western because of their amazing education program and, once I toured and saw how beautiful the campus was, it made it even more of a winner! I want to become a teacher to shape the minds of children and help them realize that they can do anything they want as long as they are dedicated and believe in themselves.

I have worked here on campus, in Suite 201, for about two years and have loved it! I strongly recommend applying!

Portrait of Logan McGhee


Logan McGhee (she/her/hers)

Major: Inclusive Education, Psychology Minor

I chose to come to WCU for the dual-license that the Inclusive Education major offers me. From the first time I walked onto the campus, I loved the atmosphere, from the friendliness of the students and professors, to the beautiful mountains that surround the campus.

I have known since the 8th grade that I wanted to become a SPED teacher after taking a peer-buddies class. My gym class was paired one-on-one with the SPED class and we were able to participant with them in various activities. We were also fortunate enough to attend the Special Olympics with them.

During my junior year of high school, I attended Western on Tour in my hometown. This is an event where many of the leaders from campus travel around North Carolina to recruit students to come to WCU. This was the first time that I really felt connected to the University and after this event, I knew WCU is where I was meant to be.

During my freshman year at WCU, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the Living and Learning Community of Whee Teach. This opportunity benefited me in many ways. I was not only able to live around all education majors, but I also made friendships and connections with these people that will last a lifetime

Portrait of Zoe Mehdi


Zoe Mehdi (she/her/hers)

Major: Elementary Education, concentration and minor in English

I chose WCU because I love the education program they offer. I always wanted to be a teacher, and I hope to be able to help kids in the way that my teachers have helped me. I have found that everyone at Western is nice, helpful, and personable. The professors here also want to see you succeed and are always willing to help you. I truly believe that there is something for everyone here at Western! Go Cats! 

Portrait of Ashley Nesbitt


Ashley Nesbitt (she/her/hers)

Major: Birth-Kindergarten, Professional Licensure Concentration

I’ve been blessed to call Western North Carolina home my entire life.  So when I decided to pursue a degree in education Western Carolina University was my first choice.  After looking over the programs in the CEAP I decided to pursue a degree in Birth-Kindergarten because it is 100% online.  Attending WCU’s BK program allows me to complete class work at my own pace while working a  full time job and being a mother to two young children. 

Ask me about the BK program or about being a distance learning student!

Portrait of Ally Smith


Ally Smith (she/her/hers)

Major: Middle Grades Language Arts Education


I chose WCU because of the fantastic education program and I felt like I belonged when I came to Open House. Part of what I love about WCU is there is a way to get involved no matter your interests. I am an honors student, Resident Assistant, and a member of the ballroom dance club. I have had many great experiences inside and outside the classroom that will help me become a better teacher!

Ask me about basketball games and ballroom dance club!

About the Ambassador Program

Selection of CEAP Ambassadors who will represent the college to future Catamounts, their families, and the community is of the utmost importance to us. The ambassadors selected by a committee of faculty and staff are the students who represent us best.

The CEAP Student Ambassadors act as official representatives of the college and are part of a legacy of professionals who all had their start as a Catamounts. The following are some potential Ambassador duties:

  • Meet with prospective students
  • Provide support at orientations activities
  • Support outreach and recruitment initiatives
  • Provide strong student support as events such as teachers for tomorrow, open houses, welcome-back events, convocation, and other recognition ceremonies.
  • Facilitate the "Purple and Gold Day"

The CEAP Leadership Council often requires and actively seeks student input and feedback. When appropriate, the CEAP student ambassadors will be invited to share their thoughts, experiences, and provide feedback on pending issues. Ambassadors are liaisons between the student body and the CEAP leadership.

Application Process

If you have any questions about the CEAP Student Ambassador Program, please contact Jenny Stewart. Applications are accepted in the spring semester of each year.

If you are interested in becoming a CEAP Student Ambassador, please note that you must be an undergraduate student in good standing with WCU and have at least 30 credit hours.

Submit the following application materials to Jenny Stewart in Killian Suite201 for review by the Selection Committee. (ATTN: CEAP Student Ambassador Program):

  1. A formal letter of interest in the program (Why are you interested in representing the CEAP as an ambassador and why would you make a great addition to our team?).
  2. One-page resume of your education (thus far), awards, and work history.
  3. Two reference forms (faculty, staff or supervising teachers highly preferred over personal).

A faculty or staff member may nominate you to the selection committee. This does not give you preference, but it does make the honor more special when someone else noticed great leadership qualities in you! After a referral has been made using the referral form, you will be contacted to submit the application if you wish to follow through. If you accept the offer to apply, you will complete steps one through three, adding only two additional references forms. You will be notified via email once nominated by a faculty or staff member. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. All applications should be submitted to Jenny Stewart via email

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