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Implementation of edTPA

What is edTPA?

edTPA is a preservice assessment process designed by educators to answer the essential question: "Is a new teacher ready for the job?"  It is intended to be used for teacher licensure and to support accreditation.  edTPA was developed by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity. edTPA is currently a requirement for completing Intern II and is required for licensure in NC as of Fall 2019.


The edTPA portfolios along with the handbooks and rubrics are located in Tk20.  If you are an intern II or student teacher and do not have access to the edTPA portfolio for your program, contact local Tk20 support:


One-Page Video Tutorial handout

For Windows 10

Microsoft Video Editor - comes with Windows 10 for free (you may need to update Windows)

Tutorial for using Video Editor

Note for students using a Zoom Q2n checked out from our college - you may need to follow these steps to convert your video to be able to edit it.

For Mac

iMovie - recommended for editing on a Mac, free in the App Store

Tutorial for using iMovie to trim and compress your video

Apple iDevices

If you recorded your video with an iPhone or iPad, you may need these directions to transfer your videos from your iOS device to a Windows computer.

Slow Internet

One reason the video upload may fail is that you have a slow Internet connection or you have not. Either come to the WCU campus or find another faster internet connection to upload your video.

Blurring Faces

If you have students in your video for whom you do not have consent to appear, you need to blur their faces. You have some options for help with this.

  • First, you can contact the Tech Commons and ask for an appointment for someone who can assist with video editing. If you can come to an in-person appointment, bring your already trimmed video and you will get help using Adobe Premiere to blur faces.
  • Second, if you have a Windows computer, you can use free software to add the filter yourself. Download the free VSDC editor and install it. You can then follow this video tutorial to go through the process to blur faces.
  • Third, if you are a Distance student with a Mac and cannot come to campus, contact the Tech Commons. Someone will walk you through downloading a trial version of Adobe Premiere and how to use it via a Zoom session.

Compressing Video

If your video is not small enough to upload, you may need to use a tool called Handbrake to further compress it. Follow these directions to download and use Handbrake for Windows or Mac.

Student Consent Forms

Early Field Experience - Use these forms to gain consent from your P-12 students and parents to be video recorded during an Early Field Experience
English and Spanish

edTPA Implementation - Use these forms to gain consent from your P-12 students and parents to be video recorded during Intern II or Student Teaching for your edTPA portfolio
English and Spanish


Pearson Submission

Directions for all students on submitting the edTPA portfolio for scoring via Tk20 - Interns will receive a code via email to use during this process.

Use this website for this process:

Watch a video of the whole submission process (you must log in as a WCU faculty, staff, or student to view)


To retrieve your score report, go to this page and click on the "View Your edTPA Scores" button.

Interpreting your edTPA Score Profile



If your overall score does not meet the cutscore from our policy on Scoring Criteria, you will need to retake all or a portion of your edTPA assessment.

Pearson has a website with information on retaking one or more edTPA Tasks. We highly recommend reviewing the document: edTPA Retake Decision-making and Support Guidelines.

We created a brief Guide for edTPA Retakes that may also help.


Tk20 Assistance

See the Tk20 help website for more information

Supporting Students

Making Good Choices - see the appropriate one for your program

edTPA Guidelines and Polices for Faculty - edTPA provided support information. See especially edTPA Guidelines for Acceptable Faculty Support

Technology Support

Technology supports are provided by Lee Nickles and Misty Colton through the CEAP's Instructional Technology Support

  • Tk20 will be used as the technology platform for providing students access to edTPA handbooks and for storing their edTPA portfolios.
  • Video recording equipment is available for teacher candidates to check out for video recording your lesson segments.
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