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Implementation of edTPA

Fall 2018 Due Dates for edTPA

Elementary, Middle Grades, Inclusive, and BK Majors: October 1

HPE, all Secondary Programs, and SPED MAT Majors: October 22

These dates apply whether you are in an undergraduate, graduate, or lateral entry program. Submission after this deadline puts the intern at risk of not successfully completing internship and delaying graduation.

What is edTPA?

edTPA is a preservice assessment process designed by educators to answer the essential question: "Is a new teacher ready for the job?"  It is intended to be used for teacher licensure and to support accreditation.  edTPA was developed by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity and is currently being explored by multiple universities in North Carolina.  View this presentation (from March 2013) for a more comprehensive introduction.

What does it mean for teacher education at WCU?

Our teacher education programs are part of a pilot program in the state of North Carolina to implement edTPA, an assessment of teacher candidate performance.  All our programs that lead to initial licensure will implement this assessment by Spring, 2015.  This website will compile our plans, progress, and information related to this process.  The edTPA Commission has been charged by the CEAP Leadership Council and WCU Professional Education Council to implement edTPA on our campus.


The edTPA portfolios along with the handbooks and rubrics are located in Tk20.  If you are an intern II or student teacher and do not have access to the edTPA portfolio for your program, contact local Tk20 support:


One-Page Video Tutorial handout

For Windows 8.1 or 10

Video Cutter & Compressor - recommended editing software available for free in the Windows Store

Tutorial for using Video Cutter & Compressor

Note: Microsoft no longer supports Windows Live Movie Maker; tutorials for this are no longer provided.

For Mac

Quicktime (comes with OS X) - recommended editing software

Tutorial for trimming video with Quicktime

Even after trimming your video, it may be too large.

Option 1 (easy, works 95% of the time): Smart Converter - Tutorial

Option 2 (harder, works 100% of the time): Handbrake - Tutorial (video)

You will need the free Handbrake tool: Download Handbrake

Apple iDevices

If you recorded your video with an iPhone or iPad, you may need these directions to transfer your videos from your iOS device to a Windows computer.

Slow Internet

One reason the video upload may fail is that you have a slow Internet connection. Either come to the WCU campus or find another faster internet connection to upload your video.


Student Consent Forms

Early Field Experience - Use these forms to gain consent from your P-12 students and parents to be video recorded during an Early Field Experience
English and Spanish

edTPA Implementation - Use these forms to gain consent from your P-12 students and parents to be video recorded during Intern II or Student Teaching for your edTPA portfolio
English and Spanish


Pearson Submission

Directions for all students on submitting the edTPA portfolio for scoring via Tk20 - Interns will receive a code via email to use during this process.

Use this website for this process:

Watch a video of the whole submission process (you must log in as a WCU faculty, staff, or student to view)


To retrieve your score report, go to this page and click on the "View Your edTPA Scores" button.

Interpreting your edTPA Score Profile



If your overall score does not meet the cutscore from our policy on Scoring Criteria, you will need to retake all or a portion of your edTPA assessment.

Information on Retaking edTPA from Pearson.

See also this PDF on edTPA Retake Instructions for Candidates.

WCU Guide for edTPA Retakes


Tk20 Assistance

See the Tk20 help website for more information

Key Resources and Recommended Sequence for Reading/Review

  1. Subject specific handbook
  2. Intro to edTPA Webinar
  3. Academic Language Webinar
  4. Using the Resource Library- Exploratory and Implementation
  5. Making Good Choices – A Support Guide for edTPA Candidates
  6. edTPA Alignment to NCATE

We have a local Blackboard site: "edTPA in WCU's CEAP" established to provide faculty with access to information on edTPA and to communicate with faculty about edTPA implementation progress in their programs.  Information on our specific implementation is located here.  Contact Myra Watson if you need access.

Supporting Students

Making Good Choices - edTPA publication

Guidelines for Supporting Students - edTPA publication

Technology Support

Technology supports are provided by Lee Nickles and Misty Colton through the CEAP's Instructional Technology Support offices in Killian 201 M and 102B respectively.

  • Tk20 will be used as the technology platform for providing students access to edTPA handbooks and for storing their edTPA portfolios.
  • Video cameras are available for teacher candidates to check out for video recording your lesson segments.
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