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The coaching minor provides theoretical and practical knowledge and experiences in preparation for coaching youth, adolescents, and/or adults in sport and physical activity contexts. Principles of coaching, the care and prevention of injury, the psychosocial aspects of sport participation, fitness and health-related training principles, and sport specific coaching methods provide a foundation for coaching career or other related opportunities.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  1. have developed skills in the prevention/care of athletic injuries.
  2. be able to articulate a coaching philosophy and apply the discipline’s code of ethics.
  3. be able to analyze problems in the coaching field and develop solutions for those problems.
  4. be able to use multiple modalities to communicate effectively
  5. be able to synthesize information to develop understanding of the importance of sport in society.
  6. be able to design and implement effective, safe, and successful practice and competitive experiences for athletes.
  7. plan and implement a full coaching plan for a team or individual sport over the duration of a full sport season.

Total Credit Hours: 18
Theoretical Foundation: 14 Hours
Take the following required courses:
PE 315 Theory & Practice of Strength & Conditioning for Coaches (2)
HPE 240 – Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)
PE 267 – Principles of Athletic Coaching (3)
HPE 375 – Psychological Aspects of Physical Activity (3)
HPE 320 Performance Testing & Prescription (3)

Coaching Strategies and Techniques: 4 Hours
Select two courses:
PE 300 – Coaching Baseball (2)
PE 301 – Coaching Basketball (2)
PE 302 – Coaching Football (2)
PE 303 – Coaching Golf (2)
PE 304 – Coaching Soccer (2)
PE 306 – Coaching Softball (2)
PE 307 – Coaching Tennis (2)
PE 308 – Coaching Track and Field (2)
PE 309 – Coaching Volleyball (2)
PE 483 – Coaching Practicum (2)

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