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McKee Assessment and Psychological Services Clinic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the McKee Assessment and Psychological Services Clinic is following state and university mandated health guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients, students, and faculty. As of Fall 2020 all sessions will either be conducted via Zoom remotely and/or remotely in-office. Our main goal is to maintain no contact between clients, student clinicians, and faculty while still administering high quality care and service.
We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will accommodate our protocols to what best suits our client’s safety and needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the McKee Clinic at 828.227.2473 or by email at

  • All clients, students, and faculty are required to wear face coverings while in the clinic.
  • Clients will complete a COVID-19 screening over the phone the day before their scheduled testing/intake as well as the day of their scheduled testing/intake prior to entering the building.
  • All clients, students, and faculty who enter the clinic are required to have their temperature taken. The clinic has been suited with a temperature reading kiosk for taller children and adults. Shorter children will have their temperature read by a digital thermometer at the clinic coordinator’s desk window. If a high temperature is read our clinic coordinator, Pam Lakey Wachacha, will reschedule the appointment for two weeks after the original testing date.
  • Clients will be coming in on a staggered schedule in order to avoid contact with other clients and student clinicians or faculty. Since clients will be calling in before entering the building to complete their COVID-19 screening, the clinic coordinator will be able to monitor and navigate clients in order to avoid contact with others.
  • Clients can expect for testing to occur over two sessions. For our client’s safety, we will take all measures to limit the need for clients to come into the clinic, but additional sessions may be needed and will be addressed on an individual basis.
  • All initial intake sessions with student clinicians and supervising faculty will be conducted remotely over Zoom. This will require clients to have reliable Wi-Fi and a safe quiet space with good lighting and sound. If this is not possible for any reason, an in-office remote intake session can be accommodated.
  • Testing sessions will be conducted in-office remotely. Our clinic has been accommodated for testing to be conducted with the client and student clinician having no in-person contact.
  • All testing rooms will be used by one client each day and will be cleaned thoroughly prior to and after each testing session.

The McKee Assessment and Psychological Services Clinic at Western Carolina University is a state of the art, not-for-profit training clinic for students in our Clinical, School, and Health Service Psychology graduate programs. The McKee clinic provides comprehensive psychological evaluations, educational and therapeutic recommendations, and consultation services to schools, parents, students, and individuals from the community. All services are provided by master and doctoral-level graduate students under the close supervision of university faculty. The McKee Assessment and Psychological Services Clinic offers invaluable training opportunities for the Psychology Departments' graduate students as well as high quality psychological assessments and services for the community.

Clients Served

A variety of clients are served by the McKee Assessment and Psychological Services Clinic including:

  • WCU students
  • Students from surrounding colleges and universities (SCC, HCC, UNC-A, AB-Tech)
  • Individuals referred by their physician and/or behavioral health provider in the WNC region
  • Children and adults from the community (self-referred)
  • Local charter schools
  • Home school students

Referral Process

Anyone interested in obtaining clinic services or referring a client for services may call the clinic at (828) 227-2473. Please provide your name, phone number, and the best time to be reached on the clinic's confidential voicemail. Ms. Pam Lakey, the clinic's administrative support associate will return your phone call and complete a very brief intake interview with you. Your case will then be assigned to one of our qualified graduate students who will contact you directly regarding the services to be provided. If you have additional questions or concerns you can also contact the clinic's director, Dr. Nathan Roth directly at (828) 227-3368.

*Please note: Case assignments are typically made in accordance with the academic calendar during the months of August/September, January/February, and May/June. Referrals may be subject to a waitlist.


The basic fee for services provided by the McKee Assessment and Psychological Services Clinic is $400. The service fee is due following your initial visit and prior to testing. All proceeds are used to further support the clinic, graduate student training, and services to the WNC community.


The McKee Assessment and Psychological Services Clinic is located on the ground level of the McKee building. Parking spaces are available for visitors behind the McKee building off of Killian Building Lane. You can also call the McKee Assessment and Psychological Services Clinic for more detailed directions at (828) 227-2473.

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