College of Education and Allied Professions

Dr. Ethan Schilling

Department Of Psychology

Dr. Ethan Schilling


Phone: 828-227-3324
Office Location: McKee G52


  • Ph.D., School Psychology, University of Georgia
  • M.S., Developmental Psychology, University College London
  • B.A., Psychology, University of Connecticut

Research Interests:

  • Pediatric school psychology
  • The school functioning of students with chronic health difficulties
  • School neuropsychology, particularly related to students with traumatic brain injuries
  • The recruitment and retention and school psychologists

Recent Publications:

Schilling, E. J., Randolph, M., & Boan-Lenzo, C. (2017). Job burnout in school psychology:

            How big is the problem? Contemporary School Psychology, 18(1). Advance Online Publication. 

Schilling, E. J., Neuharth-Pritchett, S. Getch, Y. Q., & Lease, A. M. (2017, Winter). Managing asthma  

            in elementary and middle schools: Adherence to federal laws and national guidelines.     

            Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals, 146-162.

Schilling, E. J., & Randolph, M. J. (2017). School psychologists and job burnout: What can we  

            learn as trainers? TSP Trainers’ Forum, 34(2).

Grapin, S. L., Bocanegra, J. O., & Schilling, E. J. (2016). Developing Undergraduate School  

            Psychology Courses and Field Experiences [Technical assistance brief]. Bethesda, MD:   

            National Association of School Psychologists.

Schilling, E. J., Grapin, S., & Hyson, D. (2016) Developing undergraduate courses in school 

           psychology: Tips from the trenches. NASP Communiqué, 44(6), 20-22.

Schilling, E. J., Neuharth-Pritchett, S., Lease, A. M., & Getch, Y. Q. (2015). The effects of

            asthma on academic achievement in a sample of former head start children. NHSA Dialog, 17(4), 99-118.

Schilling, E. J. (2014). Promoting successful school reentry for children with chronic illness:

             The school psychologist as consultant. NASP Communiqué, 43(3), 4-6.

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