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College of Education and Allied Professions

Parks and Recreation Management (PRM) Program

Kayaking Class


WCU's Parks and Recreation Management (PRM) Program prepares students for professions in the leisure service, recreation, outdoor, and tourism industries, as well as with land agencies such as the National Parks and U.S. Forest Service. Students in the program earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Parks and Recreation Management. A PRM minor is also available.

Admission to the PRM Program

To be accepted into the PRM Program, students must achieve and maintain a 2.5 GPA overall and write an essay explaining why they want to be a PRM major. As a major in the PRM program, students will meet with an advisor to complete a strategic plan which will outline courses, certifications, and professional development options to help them achieve their academic and career goals.

To become a PRM major, students are required to write an essay on why they want to be in the program. To prepare for the essay, students should research potential careers through online searches, the career connection bulletin board in Reid 122, reviewing professional journals, and interviewing PRM faculty. Parks and Recreation Management is a very diverse field, so it is important for students to research which direction they would like to take and formulate a strategy to help them prepare. 

Students will complete the PRM Essay in PRM 250 as a graded assignment. A copy of the essay directions can be found here

PRM Curriculum

PRM students earn a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Parks and Recreation Management:

Download the Eight Semester Plan for B.S. in Parks and Recreation Management

Landmark Learning has a special relationship with Western Carolina University to provide nationally recognized certifications to Western Carolina University students for course credit. National certification enhances work opportunities in the field of Outdoor Education and Recreation post graduation. Click here to download the PRM and Landmark Learning Course Equivalency Guide.

Landmark Learning College Credit and Course Equivalencies

The Minor

The minor in parks and recreation management requires 18 hours consisting of two core courses and any 12 hours of electives approved by your PRM advisor. The two core courses are PRM 250 and PRM 270.


As a PRM major, you will earn certifications, complete meaningful projects, present research, obtain experiences, and participate in conferences. It is important to save and document each of these items to be used as you begin your career search. In PRM 260: Professional Planning in PRM, students will begin the process of developing their professional portfolio utilizing the online platform, Linked In. The Linked In profile and digital portfolio is updated again in PRM 370: Capstone Internship Orientation as students search and secure their capstone internship. The final opportunity to update the portfolio and Linked In profile will be in PRM 483/484 Capstone Internship.

The portfolio may contain the following items depending upon your focus area in PRM:

  • Resume (professional)
  • Outdoor Resume (skills, expeditions, experiences)
  • Program proposal
  • Trip planning documents
  • Research prospectus
  • Business plan
  • Risk management plan and/or analysis
  • Leadership self-analysis
  • Activity Log/Journal
  • Lesson plan or activity proposal
  • Tent Peg article
  • Newspaper articles, blog posts, press releases
  • Service learning or volunteer work
  • Photographs of interpretive work or programs
  • Certifications related to your career path
  • Awards


The field of parks and recreation offers graduates a wide range of career options in community recreation, outdoor leadership and instruction, commercial and resort recreation, and recreation resource management.

Learn More About Career Options

We encourage you to gain experience in your chosen area through coursework, internships, and summer employment. You’ll gain leadership and participatory experience through volunteer work at Base Camp Cullowhee, where a range of activities are planned for the on- and off-campus community.

The PRM program provides numerous opportunities to seek additional training and certification in areas including wilderness medicine, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, outdoor leadership and more. Landmark Learning is in a special relationship with Western Carolina University to provide nationally recognized certifications to Western Carolina University students for course credit. National certification enhances work opportunities in the field of Outdoor Education and Recreation post-graduation.

Internship Opportunities

Excellent internship opportunities, including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Navitat, Nantahala Outdoor Center, Project SOAR, and several camps, surround the WCU campus. The strongest industry in the region is tourism, so our students enjoy internships at attractions and resorts in Western North Carolina and in the coastal areas of both North and South Carolina at places like Wilmington, Hilton Head Island, Myrtle Beach, and Charleston. Community parks and recreation agencies also abound in the region.

Learn More About Outdoor Organizations in the Region

PRM Mission Statement

The mission of the Parks and Recreation Management Program is to prepare our graduates to promote active lifestyles, sustainability and social justice. The program strives to maintain an intellectual and caring environment through cooperation and collaboration in active learning. Students learn from our accomplished faculty in an environment in which experiential education is integrated throughout the curriculum.
The program prepares professionals to design, plan, promote, and deliver the physical and social components of the leisure service industry. This includes skills in administration, management, research, evaluation, leadership, facilitation and instruction. Graduates will be prepared to manage resources, facilities and programs, and to lead and instruct for programs in commercial, public, and non-profit settings.

PRM Faculty

L-R: Jeremy Schultz, Debby Singleton, Callie Schultz, Ben Tholkes, Andrew Bobilya, and Glenn Middleton

PRM Faculty

Andrew Bobilya Ph.D.; Director, PRM Program
Debby Singleton M.A.; Instructor
Ben Tholkes Ph.D.; Associate Professor
Glenn Middleton M.S.; Instructor
Callie Schultz Ph.D.; Assistant Professor
Jeremy Schultz Ph.D.; Assistant Professor
Maurice Phipps Professor (Retired)
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