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College of Education and Allied Professions

Dr. Lori Caudle

Lori Caudle


Associate Professor
Department of Human Services
Birth-Kindergarten Program

Phone: 828.227.3345
Office Address: 91 Killian Building Lane, Room 218C

Research Interest: Dr. Caudle’s research interests focus primarily on the professional development of preservice and in-service early childhood teachers. In particular, she is interested in (1) how communities of practice, both online and face-to-face, contribute to changes in knowledge and practice, (2) the effectiveness of peer partners in teacher preparation learning, (3) the importance of technology tools in the professional development of teachers, and (4) the influence of beliefs on teacher practice.


Ph.D., The University of Tennessee


Dr. Caudle’s Ph.D. is in Child and Family Studies, with a specialization in Early Childhood Education. She began as an Assistant Professor in the Birth-Kindergarten Program at Western Carolina University in 2010. While obtaining her Ph.D., Dr. Caudle implemented a new PreK-K program at the University of Tennessee by serving as the program coordinator for three years. Before completing her Ph.D., she taught second grade at a primary school in East Tennessee, and also worked with young children in a variety of other educational settings. Currently, she is a Birth-Kindergarten Associate Professor, and teaches distance-learning courses focused on a range of early childhood methods.


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Selected Presentations:

Barrett-Tatum, J., & Caudle, L. (2016, November). Using cross-institutional critical peer review to scaffold pre-service teachers’ development of literacies instruction through digital design. Literacy Research Association 2016 Annual Conference. Nashville, TN.

Caudle, L., & Moran, M. J. (2014, February). Developing pre-K mentor teachers’ professional identities within a community of practice. Association for Teacher Educators 2014 Annual Meeting. St. Louis, MO.

Caudle, L., Bargreen, K., & Hobbs, M. (2013, June). Constructing local knowledge through collaboration, consultation, and critical inquiry: An in-depth look at one school-university partnership. National Association for the Education of Young Children Professional Development Institute, San Francisco, CA.

Caudle, L., Grist, C., Watson, M., & Wang, X. (2012, November). Professionalism in the 21st Century: Issues, challenges, and research-based recommendations. National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA.

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