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Educational Leadership Program Awards

Academic Program of the Year

May 19, 2021 * College of Education and Allied Professions

The Educational Leadership program received the Academic Program of the Year Award at the 
annual University Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards. The event is a celebration of achievements of the university’s faculty and staff in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service.

Chancellor Kelli R. Brown presided over the event, along with Provost Richard Starnes. “Diversity, inclusion and equity remain at the forefront of the university’s goals and planning,” Brown said. “It only makes sense that this year’s 
winner of the Academic Program of Excellence Award would be Educational Leadership. Those who 
nominated the Educational Leadership program had this to say about the program, ‘The Educational 
Leadership program is dedicated to promoting new and current leaders in K-12 and higher education. 
Faculty members in the program have diverse educational and research backgrounds, which allow them 
to support leaders in a variety of contexts. Additionally, faculty in the program are nationally known, 
prolific researchers and writers, and are consistently recognized for their pedagogical techniques." 

AWARD Acceptance

Educational Leadership FacultyBack Row, L-R: Kofi Lomotey, Robert Crow, Heidi Von Dohlen.
Front Row, L-R: Jess Weiler, Brandi Hinnant-Crawford, Emily Virtue, Cathy Andrews, Darrius Stanley


CPED's 2021 Program of the Year

Some statements from the CPED Committee are: The Program of the Year award will be given annually to one or more institutions whose CPED-influenced programs show themselves to be distinctive, innovative, and useful to other CPED members. This award is not intended to identify a so-called “best” program among CPED members, but rather offer evidence of a proofing site that lifts up and features a program’s approaches and components that might stimulate change and innovation among other CPED-influenced programs. The CPED committee stated that the competiition for the CPED program of the year was very rigorous. They  stated the data was wonderfully varied, innovative in itself, and informative.

“Through our teaching, service and scholarship, our faculty demonstrate a shared and relentless commitment to justice in education,” Weiler said. “It is this shared commitment that has brought success to our program, our students and our educational communities.”

“With an increasingly diverse, competent and informed faculty, we are creating a program wherein our graduates are committed to disrupting inequitable, unethical and socially unjust educational programs – from pre-K to professional school – in an effort to epitomize equity, ethics and social justice,” said Lomotey, WCU’s Bardo Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership.

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