Teaching Approach

Small group instruction


At The Catamount School, each area of the curriculum will emphasize a problem-centered approach that develops critical reasoning abilities and promotes a deeper understanding of the subject material. Teachers will personalize instruction and guide students in processing what they are learning through discussion and reflection. Access to a wide range of digital learning opportunities will enhance engagement and enable students to demonstrate academic progress in a variety of ways.

Personalized Learning

We recognize that students have different learning styles, and we will work to identify an individualized approach so that each student has the opportunity to succeed. Through access to a robust community of students in WCU's College of Education and Allied Professions, we will be able to provide extensive one-on-one learning opportunities in our classrooms.

Opportunities for Enrichment

By accessing resources and personnel at Western Carolina University, students will have access to daily physical education, regular music and arts activities, leadership experiences, and mentorship from experts in a variety of academic fields. Some of the WCU academic programs that will support these activities reach beyond our School of Teaching and Learning to include our parks and recreation program, our programs in music, theater and studio arts, our engineering programs, our business programs and our leadership programs. Time will also be scheduled during the day for clubs and other interests outside of traditional academics. These enrichment activities will encourage students to learn more about themselves and others, as well as contribute to the school community.

Community of Care

At The Catamount School, we will bring together a team of university and school personnel with expertise in teaching, psychology, physical health and more to support the academic, physical and emotional needs of all students. This team will meet on a regular basis to address class-wide and individual needs at a variety of levels. The goal is to provide a "Community of Care" that will ensure our class-wide and unique student needs are met.

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