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Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions we are getting from the community already include:

Yes, Catamount School students who need to ride the bus will ride on Jackson County Public Schools buses to SMHS. Students needing to ride the bus will need to provide the appropriate information to the Catamount offices. The Catamount School keeps the same school hours as SMHS.

Yes, students eat in the Smoky Mountain High School cafeteria. Breakfast is offered, as well. Meal prices are available at the Catamount offices.

Our school is located on the high school's campus, but students do not eat lunch at the same time as high schoolers nor do they share common areas with high school students. SMHS students have helped our students with after-school tutoring, music lessons, and one even served an internship with us. The students of Smoky Mountain are a positive influence for our Catamount students.

2023 Open House will be announced.

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