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The Catamount School

Operated as a lab school by Western Carolina University (WCU) in partnership with Jackson County Public Schools (JCPS), The Catamount School (TCS) for grades 6, 7, and 8 is a learning community

where all students are valued and care for themselves and others. We promote health and wellness and a commitment to learning through experience in a caring, collaborative, and socially just environment. We recognize that students have learning differences, and work to identify an individualized approach so that each student has the opportunity to succeed. TCS is designed to explore teaching approaches and applied learning opportunities to help every student discover their full academic potential in a specially designed environment geared toward meeting the unique needs of young adolescents. TCS is located on the campus of Smoky Mountain High School in Sylva, North Carolina. More about our school.

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About Our School

Approach to Teaching

We provide instruction that is personalized to the needs of each student, and we emphasize the development of critical reasoning skills through problem solving in class.

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Enrichment Opportunities

Through campus resources at Western Carolina and in the community, we provide physical and cultural enrichment to encourage students to learn more about themselves and others and discover talents.

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Admission Guidelines

We serve students residing in Jackson County, NC, in accordance with state legislation. The Catamount School will begin enrollment for the upcoming school year in March.

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