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Catamount Enrichment







Through campus resources at Western Carolina, we provide physical and cultural enrichment to encourage students to learn more about themselves and others and discover talents. Our students have Health/Physical Education daily with WCU interns and staff. Students also have Enrichment through community and university resources. We are visited by WCU students and faculty in various programs such as the WCU's Parks and Rec Department, Nursing, and the Japanese Language program to name a few. 

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At the Catamount School we try to provide students a wide variety of activities based on their interests. On a regular basis, students participate in elective clubs. These classes changed based on student interest and instructor availability but historically have included theater, visual arts, STEM, as well as student government association, outdoor education, foreign language, mythology, creative writing, and chorus.

For information on how to volunteer to provide enrichment opportunities, please contact Mrs. Morden at or 828-331-1775.


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