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Transformative Rural-Urban Exchange

Image of a logo "TRUE: Transformational Rural Urban Exchange" between Western Carolina University and North Carolina A&T State University


Transformative Rural-Urban Exchange (TRUE) is a collaborative undertaking involving the College of Education and Allied Professions (CEAP) at WCU and our partner, the School of Education at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (NC A&T SU), a Historically Black University (HBCU) in Greensboro, NC. Every year, a small group of students from WCU and NC A&T SU are selected to spend a week at their partner university and, in turn, host their counterparts at their home university.

TRUE is available to all teacher-education students at WCU who have been accepted into the education program but are not yet student teaching during the semester of the exchange.

What Happens During TRUE?

During their week at NC A&T SU, students from WCU live on campus or in a local hotel and spend time in local public schools, doing activities on campus, and visiting the community learning how to work with diverse P-12 students in an urban setting. During an alternate week, students from NC A&T SU live on WCU’s campus and visit schools in the western counties to gain exposure to P-12 schools in a rural setting.

TRUE provides teacher-education students with an experience in working with diverse higher education/public school faculty, candidates, and P-12 students. Students from both WCU and NC A&T SU have the opportunity to interact and work with teacher-education students from varying ethnic, racial, language, and socioeconomic groups in professional education activities on campus and in public schools.

Applications for TRUE will be available late Fall 2022.

Cost to students: FREE

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