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Transformative Rural-Urban Exchange

Image of a logo "TRUE: Transformational Rural Urban Exchange" between Western Carolina University and North Carolina A&T State University


Transformative Rural-Urban Exchange (TRUE) is a collaborative undertaking involving the College of Education and Allied Professions (CEAP) at WCU and our partner, the School of Education at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (NC A&T SU), a Historically Black University (HBCU) in Greensboro, NC. Every year, a small group of students from WCU and  NC A&T SU are selected to spend a week at their partner university and, in turn, host their counterparts at their home university. 

TRUE is available to all teacher-education students at WCU who have been accepted into the education program but are not yet student teaching during the semester of the exchange.

During their week at NC A&T SU, students from WCU live on campus or in a local hotel and spend time in local public schools, doing activities on campus, and visiting the community learning how to work with diverse P-12 students in an urban setting. During an alternate week, students from NC A&T SU live on WCU’s campus and visit schools in the western counties to gain exposure to P-12 schools in a rural setting.

TRUE provides teacher-education students with an experience in working with diverse higher education/public school faculty, candidates, and P-12 students. Students from both WCU and NC A&T SU have the opportunity to interact and work with teacher-education students from varying ethnic, racial, language, and socioeconomic groups in professional education activities on campus and in public schools.

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Cost to students: FREE


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