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CEAP Mission and Vision

Mission: (Who We Are)

The College of Education and Allied Professions (CEAP) is committed to making a difference in the lives of others. We endeavor to develop changemakers who impact the region and beyond as educators and practitioners. Together we strive to cultivate and sustain a community that values open dialogue, cooperation, shared responsibility, mutual respect, and cultural responsiveness through curricular and co-curricular experiences. The CEAP fulfills our mission by providing optimal learning environments for students first, followed by developing and sustaining a community of scholars who promote and recognize good teaching, service, and research.

Vision: (Who We Want to Be)

Our sincere ambition is to employ engaged and committed faculty and staff, driven to provide a high-quality educational experience for students, while also working toward holistic development of the students we serve, which not only includes preparation for future careers, but also encourages individuals to become active citizens and community leaders who employ civic responsibility and advocacy to enact change.

Core Values: (What Guides and Inspires Us)

In the College of Education and Allied Professions, we value …

  • equity, empathy, responsibility, engagement, passion, commitment, and collaboration.
  • diversity, inclusion, and cultural responsiveness in our programs and our people.
  • emotional well-being, joy and kindness, resilience, humility, and gratitude.
  • a student centered, holistic development approach to teaching.
  • professional engagement and innovation.
  • active collaboration, partnership, and connection with our community and beyond.
  • excellence in scholarship and applied research.
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Efforts

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