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edTPA Policies

Note: WCU is in the process of implementing edTPA. As we proceed and receive more feedback on our implementation, our commission regularly writes and revises policies to guide us. This page lists our current policies and is subject to change as needed.

Evaluation of Portfolios

Evaluators & Qualifications
All program faculty will complete Local Evaluation Training and serve as an evaluator of teacher candidate portfolios each fall and spring term.

University Supervisors are expected to evaluate one edTPA portfolio per student they supervise, up to five total.

Programs may invite public school administrators and teachers who have a strong record of expertise in their subject areas to train and evaluate edTPA portfolios. The college will provide some funding for incentives for training and a stipend to school partners for each portfolio scored. Trained P-12 school partners will evaluate a minimum of 3 portfolios per term with the opportunity to score additional portfolios as needed.

The national scorer qualifications will be our local scorer qualifications as a minimum, with programs having the option to add requirements. Our procedure is that our scoring coordinator will initially pair students and scorers, send the pairings to edTPA program liaisons for reassignment as needed. In extenuating circumstances, a program can recommend an individual to the edTPA commission for approval as a local scorer if they do not qualify.

Numbers of Portfolios to Evaluate
Given their number of teacher candidates, program liaisons will work with faculty to identify and train a sufficient cadre of full time, part time, adjunct faculty and/or school personnel to evaluate the edTPA portfolios of their intern candidates.

Program faculty will evaluate a maximum of 3 portfolios per term. Trained P-12 school partners will evaluate a minimum of 3 portfolios per term with the opportunity to score additional 3-4 portfolios. University Supervisors will evaluate one edTPA portfolio per student the supervise up to five total. They can only evaluate within their content area(s) and cannot evaluate students they supervise. Beyond five portfolios evaluated, supervisors can volunteer to evaluate for pay.

Scoring Criteria
Teacher candidates are evaluated on the 3 tasks of Planning, Instruction and Assessment, using 15 rubrics, five for each task. Under the SCALE Local Evaluation standards, candidates' work is evaluated as emerging, proficient or advanced, with an expectation that most pre-service teachers' work will evaluated at the proficient level.

Successful completion of the edTPA portfolio at WCU requires no more than 4 rubric evaluations below proficient with no more than 2 in any one task.

WCU Local Scoring criteria (to be applied at the "reconcile" process in TaskStream):

  • Emerging = more than 4 rubric evaluations below proficient OR more than 2 rubric evaluations below proficient in a single task.
  • Proficient = no more than 4 rubric evaluations below proficient AND no more than 2 rubric evaluations below proficient in a single task.
  • Advanced = no rubric evaluations below proficient AND at least 2 rubric evaluations rated advanced in each task

Students who are unsuccessful with their initial edTPA portfolio will meet with a faculty member to determine whether emerging components can be repeated and reevaluated in the existing or additional semesters in an effort to meet minimum requirements.

Procedure for revision (when necessary):

When a portfolio does not meet proficiency, the reconciler is responsible for communicating this to the teacher candidate. The reconciler will send back the portfolio for revisions.

The teacher candidate should meet with a faculty member to discuss revisions. Depending on the program, this faculty member may vary. It may be the seminar instructor or the academic supervisor. **Programs will make this decision.** The reconciler is responsible for facilitating the communication between the faculty member providing feedback and the teacher candidate completing revisions.

Before resubmission, the reconciler will make it clear that teacher candidates should clearly state which parts of the edTPA have been revised in the "comments" section in Taskstream to expedite the rescoring process.

Who re-scores the portfolio is a program-specific decision. Options are: the original scorer, group score as program faculty, the reconciler, or other designated faculty.

The reconciler will be the contact person for candidates and scorers. The scoring coordinator is the person responsible for making sure that re-submitted portfolio is re-scored and reconciled.

Electronic Evidences for Licensure

edTPA Tasks 1-3 will replace Teacher Work Sample Portfolio components for Electronic Evidences 3 and 5 for participating teacher candidates. This has been approved by NC DPI.

Official Scoring through Pearson As WCU is currently piloting at the exploratory level, local evaluation of portfolios is the expectation. WCU does not plan to use official scoring during the initial piloting of edTPA.

Official Scoring is only required once institutions move to SCALE's Implementation Level of edTPA Usage.

Some WCU faculty may choose to complete Official Scorer training through Pearson in order to deepen their understanding of edTPA within their subject areas and/or gain employment providing official scoring of portfolios for candidates from other IHE's. The following faculty have gained or are seeking Official Scorer status:Dan Grube, Holly Pinter, Carrie Rogers, Sandy Strahan, Kim Winter.

WCU faculty who fully complete Official Scorer training are required by SCALE to score eight national portfolios each term for which they are compensated at $75.00 per portfolio. Faculty can score additional portfolios for additional compensation.

Establishing Inter-rater Reliability

WCU will, starting in the 2015-2016 academic year, have a subset of candidate portfolios officially scored to help establish inter-rater reliability and support local evaluation confidence for our evaluators. It is recommended that programs also engage in at least one of the following activities to establish strong inter-rater reliability with the evaluation of candidate portfolios during the exploratory phase of edTPA:

  • Group coding for a subset of initial portfolios
  • Double coding for all or a subset of initial portfolios. Some programs may pursue support with double coding from faculty in similar programs at other UNC System institutions.

In the pilot phase of edTPA implementation, programs will double-score 10% of all portfolios.

Program Review for Effective Candidate Preparation

Our commission recommends that academic programs consider the following:

  • Teach Academic Language
  • Provide video training and recording practice
  • Consideration of Lesson Plan template that aligns with edTPA requirements

Establish Program Timeline for Implementation

The commission recommends preparing a timeline of tasks to guide students and faculty through the semester when edTPA is to be submitted. Examples of these for programs will be made available.

edTPA Implementation during Intern II/Student Teaching

Policy on Student Teaching Time and Teaching Task Requirements - we are currently writing this policy

Establish Required Permissions A sample permission form will be provided for use in gaining permissions from parents / guardians for their children to participate in teacher candidate's edTPA activities including video / audio taping as well as for using those materials in Local Evaluation Training.

A sample permission form will be provided for use in gaining permissions from teacher candidate's to use their edTPA portfolios in program activities and Local Evaluation Trainings

A sample video assent form will be provided for use in gaining permission from families to use videos in a research study.

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