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edTPA Policies

Note: WCU is in the process of implementing edTPA. As we proceed and receive more feedback on our implementation, our commission regularly writes and revises policies to guide us. This page lists our current policies and is subject to change as needed.

edTPA Governance

The edTPA implementation at WCU is governed by the edTPA Commission, which was established by resolution of both the CEAP Leadership Council and the WCU Professional Education Council. Policies are set by that commission (in accordance with the resolution that created the commission).

Implementation Status

WCU has been approved by SCALE to use edTPA at the Implementation Level. This means our candidates are able to submit their portfolios to Pearson for national scoring.

Evaluation of Portfolios

All candidates pursuing an initial license must submit an edTPA portfolio to Pearson for national scoring. If the portfolio does not pass and must be revised, it must be resubmitted to Pearson. Candidates may elect to resubmit only some individual tasks or the entire portfolio.

Scoring Cost & Vouchers

As long as funding is able to be identified within the college, the college will purchase scoring vouchers for all candidates for their first edTPA scoring submission.

If a candidate must revise and resubmit all or part of their portfolio to Pearson for any reason, they must bear the cost themselves.

Information on Resubmission Costs

Submission Deadline

The edTPA commission will set the submission deadline for each semester. This may include setting multiple deadlines for separate groups of programs. Individual programs may set a due date earlier than the one set by the commission.

Candidates who submit an edTPA portfolio after the deadline risk delaying graduation.

 Scoring Criteria

The passing scores for edTPA portfolios as set by the NC State Board of Education are:

  • For handbooks with 15 rubrics: 38
  • For handbooks with 13 rubrics: 32

The highly-qualified scores as set by the NC State Board of Education are:

  • For handbooks with 15 rubrics: 48
  • For handbooks with 13 rubrics: 42

To meet WCU’s edTPA requirement for program completion and graduation, candidates must submit their portfolio to Pearson and:
Receive a passing score
If the first submission to Pearson does not receive a passing score, revise and resubmit their edTPA portfolio to Pearson according to the recommendations of the seminar instructor and/or academic supervisor. Revision and resubmission must occur prior to the conclusion of the internship semester.

For the Internship Grading Rubrics, the following applies:

  • Unsatisfactory: edTPA portfolio not submitted to Pearson or, if the first submission did not receive a passing score, did not resubmit portfolio according to the recommendations of the seminar instructor and/or academic supervisor prior. (This will lead to an internship grade of D or F. Note that a grade of C or better is required for program completion and graduation.)
  • Proficient: edTPA portfolio submitted to Pearson and received a passing score or, if not passing, resubmitted according to the recommendations of the seminar instructor and/or academic supervisor.
  • Accomplished: edTPA portfolio submitted to Pearson and received a highly‐qualified score on first submission.

Procedure for Revision

  • edTPA scores are reported directly to WCU the same day they are reported to candidates. Scores will be processed and sent to seminar leaders as soon as possible so they can be in contact with candidates who do not receive passing scores.
  • Candidates who are unsuccessful with their initial edTPA portfolio submission will meet with a faculty member, typically the seminar leader or academic supervisor, to consult on resubmission plans and requirements.
  • Resubmission of edTPA will be at the candidate’s expense.
  • Additional edTPA supports beyond the conclusion of the semester are not guaranteed.

Licensure Recommendation

  • Passing edTPA scores are not required for a WCU licensure recommendation.
  • Candidates who have not met all licensure test requirements (including edTPA) prior to application for licensure must sign a waiver indicating their understanding of the requirements related to edTPA and professional licensure.

Program Review for Effective Candidate Preparation

Our commission recommends that academic programs incorporate these items throughout their curriculum before Intern II:

  • Teach Academic Language
  • Provide video training and recording practice
  • Adopt a Lesson Plan template that aligns with edTPA requirements

New faculty in teacher preparation should participate in a general training provided by the edTPA commission about edTPA.

Programs should group score one edTPA portfolio, including new faculty, to keep the requirements fresh in their minds.

Programs should add information on edTPA submission, resubmission, and resubmission costs to Intern I and II syllabi.

edTPA Implementation during Intern II/Student Teaching

Policy on Student Teaching Time and Teaching Task Requirements

See the Office of Field Experiences for our current policies for Internship.

Gaining and Posting Required Permissions

A permission form is provided to candidates for gaining permissions from parents / guardians for their children to participate in teacher candidates' edTPA activities including video / audio taping as well as for using those materials in Local Evaluation Training. Once obtained, signed copies must be posted to the designated place in Watermark by candidates before final submission of one's portfolio. Teacher candidates also indicate their consent by selecting, "By submitting this, you are affirming that you have permission to record video of all students that appear in your video."

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