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CEAP Excellence


Our college is nationally recognized for our quality and excellence through our awards and program accreditation. We are a recipient of the national Distinguished Program in Teacher Education award and the national Christa McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Teacher Education.

Faculty, staff, and students in our college have won multiple university awards:

Peak Perormer Recipients

Botner Superior Teaching Award - Dr. Alleyne Broomell

Legislative Teaching Award - Dr. Siham Lekchiri & Dr. Roya Scales

Dean's Research Award - Dr. Callie Schultz

Exemplary Service Award - Dr. Charmion Rush (Faculty) & Jenny Stewart (Staff) 

Peak Performer Recipients

CEAP 2021 Virtual Honors and Awards Ceremony 

CEAP 2021 Honors and Awards Program 

Botner Superior Teaching Award - Melissa Faetz (STL)

Legislative Teaching Award- Debby Singleton (HS) & David Solomon (PSY)

Dean's Research Award- Brandi Hinnant-Crawford (HS)

Exemplary Service Award- Patty Harley (HS) & Callie Schultz (HS)

Peak Performer Recipients

CEAP Virtual Honors and Awards Ceremony 

CEAP 2020 Honors and Awards Program 

Botner Superior Teaching Award - Marissa Ray (STL)

Legislative Teaching Award- Darrius Stanley (HS) & Alicia Grande (PSY)

Dean's Research Award- Gayle Maddox (STL)

Exemplary Service Award- Regina Aton (STL) & Nancy Luke (STL)
Soaring High Award- Lisa Bloom (STL)

Peak Performer Recipients
Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award- Alvin Malesky (PSY)

Botner Superior Teaching Award - Pam Buskey (STL)

Legislative Teaching Award- David Scales (PSY) & Elizabeth Graves (HS)

Dean's Research Award- Ellie Blair (STL)

Exemplary Service Award- Misty Colton (Suite 201) & Ellen Sigler (PSY)

Peak Performer Recipients

Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award- Windy Gordon (PSY)

Botner Superior Teaching Award - Nancy Luke (STL)

Legislative Teaching Award- Nathan Roth (PSY) & Brandi Hinnant-Crawford (HS)

Dean's Research Award- Roya Scales (STL)

Exemplary Service Award- Mary Rompf (Dean's Office) & Dale Brotherton (HS)

Soaring High Award - Kelly Kelley (STL)

Peak Performers Recipients

Excellence in Teaching Liberal Studies Award- Aubrey Ray (STL)

Excellence in Community Engagement Award- Kelly Kelley (STL)

Botner Superior Teaching Award - Windy Gordon (PSY)

Legislative Teaching Award- Kelly Tracy (STL) & Andrew Bobilya (HS)

Dean's Research Award- Andrew Bobilya (HS)

Exemplary Service Award- Lee Nickles (Suite 201) & Ben Tholkes (HS)

Soaring High Award - Caleigh Crane (STL)

University Scholar Award - Alvin Malesky (PSY)

Last Lecture Award- Windy Gordon (PSY)

Academic Program of Excellence Award - Parks and Recreation Management (HS)

Botner Superior Teaching Award - Kia Asberg (PSY)

Legislative Teaching Award- Russell Binkley (STL)

Dean's Research Award- Tom Ford (PSY)

Exemplary Service Award- Jenny Stewart (Suite 201)

Soaring High Award - Melinda Cooper (STL)

Quality Programs and Accreditation

To learn more about our approach to evaluating the quality of our programs, please read "How do we judge the quality of professional educator preparation?"

We have multiple programs that are accredited by state and national accrediting bodies.

Professional education programs leading to licensure are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)/Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

In addition, individual degree programs seek to attain area accreditation from discipline accrediting agencies where available.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling - Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs

Parks and Recreation Management - Wilderness Education Association; National Ski Patrol

School Psychology - National Association of School Psychologists

For information about the accreditation status of a particular program, please contact the department.

Research, Service, and Outreach

Our college engages with our university and regional community in several service and outreach initiatives. Our faculty and students also participate in multiple research projects.

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